Season 13 Episode 1 Feedback Poll

If you could only choose 3 things to do to make the first episode better, what would they be?

  • Balance audio levels between movie and riffs
  • Make green screen backgrounds look more realistic
  • Speed up riffs
  • Slow down riffs
  • Improve mads segment lighting
  • Add more host segments
  • Remove some host segments
  • Improve intro
  • Resolve technical streaming delay issues
  • Sync audio
  • I don’t like this poll

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Someone mocked up an image of the lighting on the Mads that really changes things IMO.


I agree the purple lighting mockup really fixes things.

As an aside, I would have loved it if the new intro included Waverly and Growler as part of the robot roll call. What’s the point of bringing in new semi-regular robot characters in the show and not including them in the one part of the show that explicitly lists off all the robot characters? Especially when the song was already going to be rewritten for the season?


They’ll be added to the roll-call under “…and the rest”


Another person took a pass on some color correction and again, it convinces me that the bones are all there and with just a little more attention to the color and compositing, things could look great!