Season 13 episode downloads

I’m assuming that we will be able to download each episode once it airs, but I would like to have that confirmed.

And the same with the new shorts.

Also- will the “curated” events be downloadable, or up for purchase later?


I was wondering about this too. I’m just replying here so I get a notification if Lesley decides to answer or something.


From what I understand, I think the only way you get to download the season 13 episodes is if you purchase them individually from the Gizmoplex as they come out (or as a bundle, I assume, after they’re all premiered), you got downloads of the season with your Kickstarter tier or as an add-on, or if you bought the 12-month Gizmoplex pass that was offered as an add-on through Backerkit before February 18th.


And I have the level that gives me all of season 13 to download. So will the downloads come as each event airs, or all in one as a big end of season drop?


Here is the rewards chart—everyone who chose the $85 digital tier or backed at $100 or more will get downloads of the new episodes.


But will it be as each episode premieres or at the end of the season?


THIS particular “pass” says when the season is over, BUT, I’m not sure if other tiers/passes/Kickstarter access is different.


I feel like I’ve seen that answer, but now I’m having trouble finding it. More digging …

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Thank you, it would make sense to have it be consistent for everyone regardless of their KS status.

If you are a ‘Plex member, we are all equals here!

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New info from Ivan (I just happened to catch him in the Gizmoplex chat):

Q: Do individual S13 episodes become downloadable for those who get them when they premiere, or not until the end of the season?

A: “They WILL be downloadable, and I think it’ll be before the end of the season, but we’re still figuring that out. In the iOS and Android apps, it should be possible to download them for offline viewing immediately – but we’re still figuring out when the full DRM free files will be available.”


It would be best if the downloads are available by the time each episode disappears from the Gizmoplex. It would feel like a cheat to pay for the download and not have access on the Gizmoplex or via download once the episode has premiered.


Thanks for catching him and getting that inside info!


Ivan’s response makes sense. Re-reading the pre-Feb. 18 pass description, I think it was just worded very awkwardly. Instead of having download access once the season is over, you’ll continue to have download access after the season is over. It’s basically the same as buying the episodes, but you get to enjoy the live events as well.



Hopefully it’ll get figured out and we can download them sooner than later, as I might want to revisit an ep after they leave the Plex.

I don’t do apps, I’ll be streaming exclusively, so yeah, downloadability is something I’m keeping an eye on.

But I’ll be patient, I know their hands are full (and I’m grateful for all they’ve done, all the time and effort they’ve poured into this)


What makes you think episodes are going to disappear? Live stuff may disappear after a while, but the episodes are going to stick around.


Yeah, it wouldn’t make sense to have the episodes (or even the live events, I suppose) fully disappear after they premiere. The whole point of the Gizmoplex is to give Alternaversal a way to directly make money off of making MST3K. The production of each episode is already taken care of thanks to us, but the episodes have to stick around as pay-per-views and paid downloads afterwards so they can keep generating money to pay for next season. And hopefully all the fans who didn’t shell out for the Kickstarter will be there to spend some of that green.


It’s been said in other places that the new episodes that stream on the Gizmoplex will go away after a time, maybe a month, and will rotate back in later.


So my understanding, which may be flawed, so grain of salt, is that the Gizmoplex Pass will grant streaming access to the latest episodes and streaming events, and those will be cycled out. That’s just for Joe-Gizmoplex Pass. Those who donated $85+ to the Kickstarter will ALSO get the episodes in their Library, where they can watch it forever for keeps. Logic would follow that the episodes will also move to the store at some point, where they can be purchased like all the other episodes. But if you didn’t buy them or get them through the Kickstarter, they’ll only be around to stream for a limited time.


So, here’s the current plan – though again, this whole year is an experiment in what works, and how to balance making everyone happy with maximizing our odds of making Season 14 and beyond, so it’s always possible this will change:

  • Each new episode and short will premiere in a livestream.

  • If your EVENT PASS includes access to a premiere, you’ll continue to have streaming access to rewatch the premiere livestream until your pass expires. (So, a 12 month pass means you’ll retain access to all of the livestreams until next March.)

  • If you get an EVENT TICKET – which we currently expect will be $10/ticket for essentially any livestream, whether it’s a premiere or a special event – you’ll have access to the livestream + 72 hours of replay access after it ends.

  • If your rewards included DIGITAL ACCESS TO SEASON 13, you’ll at least get streaming access to each standalone episode and short without the full livestream wrapped around it, probably within 48-72 hours of each event. (Basically, if the event is Friday evening, we’ll aim to release the stand-alone episode by Monday AM.)

  • If you didn’t get the “Season 13” digital reward, our plan is to make the new episodes available to purchase and rent in the Gizmoplex Video Store, starting no more than a week after the episode airs. Our current thinking is that BUYING will cost $19.99 for the first 3 months, and then will drop down to a lower price, similar to pricing on a lot of VOD movies. We’re still figuring out the price to RENT new episodes, but definitely want it to be reasonable, while still making sure backers don’t regret pledging to get them in advance.

As for download access to the new episodes:

We’re still deciding out how soon the DRM-free downloads should be available, because we really want to find a way to give Gizmoplex users as much freedom as possible, without essentially ENCOURAGING casual users to share and give away the new episodes for free. (Which I wish we could, but if we do, we’re basically giving up on Season 14 and beyond.)

I’m actually hoping to get this community’s input on the best way to navigate that question once we get through the premiere and have a minute to breathe.

We have so much going on right now that it’s often easier to answer questions than it is to predict, remember, and pre-emptively explain EVERYTHING the community might want to know… but it’s not because we don’t want to!

So, with that in mind:

Any other questions I can answer about all of this?


While I do understand the concerns there, I would prefer the episodes made available to download right away due to the fickle nature of MST3K movie rights. Especially since the Season 11 episodes were made available to download to backers before they even went to Netflix, with seemingly no issues.