Season 13/Future MST- Suggestion Box

Howdy! I wanted to try and create a single thread to encompass people’s suggestions on Season 13 on the whole.

Not specific episodes as I’ve done elsewhere, but a place dedicated to help address the desired feedback @Ivan and @Lesley said the team was looking for in the chat after 1302.

Maybe we his is a place you might want to give your macrocosmic feedback about the new season/Gizmoplex experiment and what you’re looking for as a fan moving forward.

What is it you’re looking for from live events? What is it you’re looking for in terms of episodes per year, or shorts, etc? What might help “sell” the idea of the Gizmoplex for sustainability, etc.

Whatever you’re thinking let’s get it all into one area. I saw a lot of good feedback, but it was sprawled across a few different threads.