Season 13 is Star-studded

Just look at some of the people appearing or involved in these movies:

El Santo, Rene Cardona, Charles Band, Barbara Crampton, Eddie Romero, Patrick Wayne, John Ashley, Sid Haig, George Nader, Vic Diaz, Eddie Garcia, Jim Wynorski, Dom Deluise, Loni Anderson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Arte Johnson, Jeffrey Combs, Gamera, Shirley Eaton, Frankie Avalon, Klaus Kinski, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Jack Palance, Barry Morse, John Ireland, Carol Lynley, Paul Stevens, Arch Oboler, and Virginia Gregg. Wow.


And yet Patrick Swayze remains elusive.


But not as elusive as Robert Denby, of course.


Jack Palance is coming for Robert Z’Dar’s crown of being in the most riffed movies.


Robert Z’Dar was only in two. Bruno VeSota was in five.


Z’Dar was only in 2 MST3K episodes, a bunch of Rifftrax but only 2 MST3Ks.
Tommy Kirk, Lee Van Cleefe, Peter Graves, and Richard Kiel (if you count that he was in the Solarite costume in Phantom Planet) were each in 3.


Doug McClure has been in three, which isn’t enough because he made a lot of cheesy movies.


Hugh Beaumont was also in 3, as was Beverley Garland. If we’re talking episodes and not full movies, I think Bela Lugosi clocks in at 4.

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Robby Benson, Jack Burns, Andrea Martin, Dennis Hopper, Joan Cusack, Paul Reiser, Peter Cook, Junior Samples, Elayne Boosler, Adam Sandler, Barry Sobel! Oh, and there’s Garth Brooks, Bruce Mahler, Les Paul, Patrick Swayze as Ghandi, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Robert Carradine, Bruno Kirby, Griffin Dunne, Mike Nichols, Ron Reagan! Demi Moore, Gabriel Byrne, Gallagher, Robert Loggia, Janice Joplin, and Jonathan Schwartz! Woah, there’s Lyle Waggoner, Tom Dreesen, Steve Rubell, Alan Alda, Michael Ironside, K.D. Lang, Kate Clinton, Lee Van Cleef, Marlee Matlin, David Birney, Linda Hunt, Leslie West, Sandy Duncan, Craig T. Nelson, David Letterman, Tony Danza, Anthony Quinn, Edie Brickell and Tony Bill! Cool! Roland Gift, Jerzy Kosinski, and Rene Auberjonois! John Hurt, Cicely Tyson, Michael Pare! Persis Khambatta! And- Oh, I can’t place him. ‘Paper Chase’ guy, right?


I haven’t checked it for accuracy after S11 & S12, but there’s a good rundown of “Who appeared in the most MST3K movies” on this page:

Also Tor Johnson.


Jonah still needs to suffer though a Joe Don Baker film as does every host. This is the way.

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