Season 13: Key word is Rewatchable

Im absolutely loving the new shows.

I think the film selections have been on point; cheesy, bad, but not brutally so. Nothing so incredibly BORING that even jokes cant save it.

Speaking of jokes: the revolving cast has been on fire, and the mix of different personalities, deliveries and senses of humor have REALLY kept things fresh.

Im having so much fun chatting away with the rest of you on Premier night, but miss so many riffs I immediately wanna go back and watch the episode again!

Kudos to everyone involved in creating this season. It’s been an absolute blast so far.


There’s a bit of tastes may vary in the annoying protagonist department between the lead of Robot Wars and Munchie


I’ll take Drake from Robot Wars.

Annoying? Sexist? Smarmy? Absolutely. But the actor portraying him deliberately sold it, and sold it well.

Dom Deluise on the otherhand sounded like he just made up his lines on the go.

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Agreed on this season’s riffing and variety, as well as movie selection. Definitely marking these eps for rewatch!!


Fun fact: Swap Drake and Munchie, and both films improve.


That would explain why the mouth movements didn’t match.

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When i first heard about the rotating cast, I thought it sounded convoluted. Seeing the season itself, I think it’s a breath of fresh air. MST always had different flavors from week to week based on the movie selected, but different casts for alternating episodes really switches things up and makes things lively. It’s like back in the day when I would alternate between Joel and Mike so not to get burned out on just one. It’s so much fun.


Its been a really, really good season. Definitely right up there with some of the best


Man, and we still have Gamera coming, we still have The Mask 3D, we still have two Joel episodes, The Christmas Dragon…


Yeah, everything so far has been extremely rewatchable which isn’t always the case for me. Bodes well for the new model, hopefully.

I don’t think more than 2 hosts in a season is something that is necessarily a great idea beyond special occasions (like the Gizmoplex inaugural season this year, or perhaps one or two eps per season), but I am fully prepared to make an exception for the man, the myth, the Mike Nelson in future.

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I ‘m glad there’s no episodes like The Starfighters. I had to break it up into chunks the first time I saw it.

For me, I’ve only felt like there was one “clunker” so far that I probably won’t rewatch, and one I had to watch twice on its premiere date because of how much I enjoyed it. I’m still not sold on the need for multiple hosts and am ambivalent about how that particular storyline could set up the next season (if Jonah leaves as host after 27 episodes, I won’t be enthused). But we’re only 5 episodes into 13 and there is a very long ways to go.

The Starfighters put me to sleep so many times before I finally made it through.

I’ve watched the first four episodes of Season 13 a number of times, and I imagine myself doing the same for Doctor Mordrid.

There really is a lot of rewatchability in these episodes, and Team Jonah and especially Team Emily have been bringing it in their host segments and in the treatment of the featured movies. These episodes have a lot of replay value, and if the rest of Season 13 is anything like these, I think you’re going to be looking at one of MST3K’s strongest seasons this side of Seasons 5 and 8.

Very cool stuff!


What I like is that they’ve set up a new version of that ol’ debate, Joel vs. Mike, but in a more fun and collaborative manner. Soon, very soon, the Jonah vs. Emily debates will rage. (I’m finding myself on Team Emily right now). But the potential collaboration between those two would undermine any rancor between the two camps. I really like what I’m seeing.


Oh this is fun! I like this, very much!

Team Emily right now, but I want Hampton in every season from here on out!