Season 13 on Pluto TV

So any thoughts about season 13 being on Pluto TV Channel 1240 starting Wednesday? Not sure if they’ll air the whole season then sprinkle in episodes every other day. That would work.
Oh, and I found out IFC is airing season 12 Sunday mornings at one a-m. If that’s possible, the show should get ALL of the Kinga years on Pluto. Should definitely happen in '24.


I agree with the Big Brain trust that they need to continue to circulate the tapes so to speak. It’s the way the show has grown over the decades.
I paid the KickStarter to get season 11/12 and 13 and I would pay for the next X number of seasons as well. I enjoy the show so much and if possible even more after this season and all of the extras that the Gizmoplex afforded.
Pluto TV isn’t something I use at home but when travelling I have tapped into it as well as Shout. Vacation rentals aren’t providing traditional cable service anymore, just smart TVs with the free app. So many times I’ve landed on the MST3K or RiffTrax channels on these services and I hope others who haven’t heard of riffing before are as well.
I hope the fanbase continues to grow and we can all be here in another decade to discuss how it’s all going.


The thing about Pluto is that I don’t know the schedule. Season 13 showing up there is less of an event unless I know something like “new episodes air on Fridays at 7pm eastern.” (And maybe there is a schedule I just don’t know about. But I think Pluto is generally a “have it on in the background” kind of affair.)

So if the new episodes get added to the rest of the semi-random rotation, that’s great for the casuals but it doesn’t compete with the Gizmoplex. I mean, let’s be honest: hardly anything compares at all.

So I fully support this content offering, but I’m going to stay inside my Video Fridge.


They run ads on there during the commercial breaks that tout the Gizmoplex.
Those ads should help everyone learn more about where to find more content.


Pluto TV is my background noise, so I’ve become accustomed to its rhythm.

Pluto’s schedule tends to rotate 8 hours worth of content, 3 times a day. I’ve seen channels break this pattern for special events, but generally speaking, that’s 4 MST3Ks per day repeated in order 3 times.

Assuming they don’t do an all-day season marathon event of some sort, that means Season 13 episodes will likely either be drip-fed across 4 days, or REALLY drip-fed across 13 days. My guess is they’ll be sprinkled in with the classics, so you’ll have a few chances each day to catch the new stuff.


I’ve always said that for this to work the new episodes have to get out there for non-superfans to see them. We need to keep bringing in new superfans to keep the show alive. The Gizmoplex is always going to be a better place to watch a specific episode, and we’ve got access to the new stuff before everyone else. Then you add on the Vault Picks and other special stuff, which we’ve had a lot of. Meanwhile, something like Pluto is a good “background viewing” option and is great for catching people who’ve never heard of the show before. I think it’s a pretty good setup.

We need to keep the whole “Hey, what’s this weird puppet show and why do I want to keep watching it?” introduction going.


Same here !

Shout Factory’s Misty Monday’s plays late on Sunday night into Monday, then it’s the MST3K or Rifftrax channel. I have been trending away from Rifftrax and more into MST as of late, but Dog forgive me, when Zindy’s on, I have to watch !

I find myself watching a bunch of youtube downloads as well, the commercials on Pluto tend to get on my nerves when I want more than just background noise.


Joel: You know Crow, now people will be able to watch our Season 13 shows on Pluto.

Crow: That’s great, Joel. Do you think one day they can watch them on Uranus?

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I guess this is just for people who are already watching Pluto TV’s MST3K channel regularly? I don’t see any way to know in advance (more than several hours) when to tune in to see the new episodes. (Or indeed, for any Pluto TV channel.)

Also, on IFC: My “cable” on-screen schedule just lists the name and info of the movie (“Atlantic Rim” this Sunday), with no indication at all that it’s MST3K. I guess that’s another way to try to get new fans(?). :upside_down_face: (However, IFC’s web schedule is clear that it’s an “MST3K: The Gauntlet” episode.)


On my Spectrum guide, it’s identified as an MST episode. Still wondering how Netflix OK’d this.

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Don’t forget that some Season 11 and 12 episodes have made it in as Vault Picks/Tribute Episodes recently. There may have been a change in the wind somewhere in Netflix exclusivity-town.


Exactly - the idea is that there are existing fans who don’t know about the Gizmoplex and season 13. Pluto is a great way to inform those fans who are already watching there. I doubt this is intended to find new fans, although it may find some. Couldn’t hurt!


It’s a necessary step, and I seem to recall them stating a very long time ago that this would happen eventually. The Gizmoplex is the first place for new episodes and the only place for the big events, but it was never going to be the only place where the episodes could be viewed.


The way I see it, this is no different than a movie playing in a theater then going to video and TV. It’s the natural way of things.


As long as it’s not the shape of things to come!


I’ve been enjoying the MST3K channel on Tubi. It already is geared toward Gizmoplex promotion, so perhaps Season 13 shows will arrive there eventually. When I feel like a random episode and don’t want to make a rational choice based on many sets of data, it’s good to have another option.


I think for the next year, it’s Pluto TV. Maybe later it will get to Tubi? They’re both free so I don’t know.

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Feels unreal to be seeing a new (as of this latest season) of MST3K on tv later today, y’all I’m excited.




Also YALL! I just saw they’re even showing Robot Wars and Beyond Atlantis after Santo! Not sure if they’re doing ALL the episodes in the season today or the first three but that it is still so cool!