Season 13 Shorts Question

Are the 12 new shorts being produced concurrently with the new Season 13 episodes going make their debuts at the beginning of each new full length episodes like in the Comedy Central years or are they going to debut as their own standalone segments much like the way Rifftrax presents their Shorts?

I happened to notice that “Robot Wars” is actually 1hr12min in length which made me wonder if movies of that length would necessitate shorts being added on to maintain the ~90 minute runtime for each episode?


There was some mention during the KS campaign that the shorts might come out between the full-length episodes, giving us twice the “premiere dates,” but I don’t know that anything official has been posted.


You think some shorts will premiere on their own and some others will be added to shorter movies or do you think they’re really gonna experiment with episode lengths/runtimes this season?


Great question—no clue here. I’m leaning toward thinking they’ll be released separately between … there are 12 spaces between 13 episodes, so it would make sense.


Personally I’d like to see a few in episodes with shorter experiments. I guess we’ll just have a to see what they do.


The plan is NOT to group the shorts in with the full-length episodes. I suppose this could change but yes, they will probably be released as their own mini-events.


Thank you, Leslie!

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