Season 13 Show Opens

Having three hosts in Season 13, we’re going to have 2 or 3 new Show Opens. What are wishing to see? What’s likely?


Have they revealed Emily’s backstory and why she’s doing these experiments?


They intro her into the Time Bubble tour with a theme song that I think will be close to her Gizmoplex theme. Mostly it looks like her backstory will be kinda akin to Mike’s, in that she needed a job and ends up…where she’ll be in the experiments.

I mainly hope she’ll get her own door sequence as well.


I hold out hope each host has their own Show Open and Door Sequence.


She did sing her own theme song, which was pretty nice.


Them singing their own theme songs, more in the style of classic MST3K vs the Netflix openings.

I’ll put it this way: I never skip the opening in classic episodes. I always skip the opening in Netflix episodes. It’s just too…jazz-handsy?


If they do each get their own door sequence, I want Joel’s to be his classic one, but with a slightly modern asthetic (I’m probably in the minority that preferred Joel’s doors to Mike’s).

I do kinda hope they do away with the “constant redoing the intro” thing from the Netflix days, personally.

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I too preferred Joel’s doors to Mike’s. The medieval feel appealed to me more.

I think it even could be said each host gets 2. Joel had the KTMA & Regular series, Mike had his regular and the movie’s sequence. So Jonah’s could be even updated to fit the Gizmoplex.

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