Season 13 teaser trailers

OKAY well after seeing the trailer for Santo and Dracula’s Treasure here is my takeaway:

And TIME TRAVEL! Which I was so wrapped up in the James Bond-esque music I forgot to include in my meme lol


We already have a season 13 thread


Your thread is an umbrella thread.

In fact your OP was about a sneak peak production peak that was shared on Twitter. It’s not a great and productive thing to find posts that are more specific than yours and one, say a post already exists, and two, don’t even link the post you are referring to.

I get based on your thread that having a post for every thought and impression with the trailers is fractured, but having a thread specific to Mysties thoughts on the trailers announced is fine. Don’t discourage others from creating threads and campaign for your own.


What does the content of my OP have to do with it, when it marked the start of filming? Wouldn’t that be the right time to create a thread about the season?

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Sure, again I don’t care your thread exists. My issue is with you policing others from creating more specific threads on topics they want to discuss. Like creating their own meme, and you going out of your way to not engage their thread but to say a thread already exists and then not even link the thread.

You weren’t being helpful. You were shutting down their thread. Please don’t do that. You may not intended to be rude and unhelpful but you were.

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I didn’t think I had to link a thread that was continually being present in the recent activity section, I’m sorry

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Sure, but people engage forums in different ways. I actually searched for the keyword “season 13 trailers” and I found this awesome meme, and then your comment. I actually searched to look for the thread you mentioned, and couldn’t find anything about the trailers. And then I figured you posted on it since you talked about it here, and was surprised you wrote it.

Intentionally is hard to read over a forum. I appreciate your apology, just be aware you may be discouraging others from writing specific forums I’m favor of filtering others to a post you wrote, and that comes off super petty.

Have a happy Turkey day, I’m thankful for you being respectful even when I called you out here, I’m grateful to see you didn’t mean I’ll intent.