Season 13 Viewing order

I have access to Season 13 finally, and see that there are Shorts listed separate from the episodes. What is the Optimal Viewing order of the shorts in relation to the release of the full episodes?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but a Search of the fourm didn’t return any results.


The good news here is that the shorts aren’t tied to the storyline or sequence of episodes, so you wouldn’t be missing any pieces of the overall puzzle if you were to jump all over the place.

You could alternate between the episodes and the shorts if you wanted to (which would take you through to the seventh released short, which is the most recently released short), but where the shorts are concerned, you can watch them in whichever order you like whenever you like without having to worry about spoiling later episodes or missing something important.

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Optimal viewing is broadcast order.


Optimal viewing order is one right after another.


The only exception is Emily’s short should probably be watched after or accompanying the Beyond Atlantis episode, but that’s more “It would be weird to watch it before her actual appearance”. They’re generally meant to be standalone this season.


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So weird.

yeah. The randomness of the shorts is kinda built in as part of the gag.

Though, yeah, saving the 3 Emily ones till after Atlantis makes sense. But since we all told you about Emily (who dat), kinda ruins the moment I guess.


The live tour ruined everything already.


Right, I agree. But on the Season 13 list,They have all the Episodes listed together, and then all the shorts listed together. The shorts have a different numbering system, and I could not get a clear Idea about when the shorts were Published is relation to the Episodes. Wikipedia is not helpful in this regard.

Opps. Some how I missed this post and jumped straight to the unhelpful posts. My bad. Thanks for letting me know about the spoilies. I think Maybe I will just watch them after the I finish the season. I just found that they do list the release dates, but you have to click on them. So I would just have to do a bit of work. Right now I am just attempting to get them all downloaded.

There’s a 2 week delay between episode release and download availability, so the latest short is not available for downloading yet. The rest of season 13 can be downloaded at your leisure.