Season 14, Gizmoplex, and MST3K ... Nothin' But Tumbleweeds

This is less a thread about Season 14 - which we all want - but more a question about wanting to get some sort of communication as to the “State of the Union” on MST3K.

The last communication I have seen happened after the S14 crowdfund ended. If there has been any communication of importance since that time, then I have not heard it. I realize the S14 attempt was a bit of a disappointment, but let’s get beyond Thunderdome and look ahead. :slight_smile: What … if anything … is going on with …

(A) The next crowdfund?
(B) Alternaversal / Whatever Its Called Now?
(C) The Gizmoplex? Is it dead?
(D) MST3K in general?

In the absence of information, there is speculation, and where there is speculation there is doubt and uncertainty. I don’t expect full itineraries or anything, but a little bit of an information bone to gnaw on now and then would go a long way toward giving the community something to discuss and some reason to have optimism.


Maybe they don’t know, either. Or something is in the works but they can’t legally disclose anything until it’s launchable.

(I feel like we’ve had half a dozen threads like this already, but naturally at crunch time I can’t remember their names. lol)

The Gizmoplex definitely still works, Thank Dog. Even with its little quirks, sometimes I just want to go through a favored season in order, which the various streams just don’t do most of the time.


Yep. As a mod, I have similar thoughts. This question has been asked many times. We will probably merge it with the rest, but we will frustratingly provide no answers at this time.


“Are you a cop? You have to tell me if you’re a cop!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, we are cops. But also: one of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies.


Meh - the other threads seemed to be more focused on “Season 14 Season 14 Season 14” and this is more a “What of MST3K in General?” thread but merge away if you think it’s necessary. Don’t see what the problem is with a new thread though. It’s not like there’s a space issue, or that the forum is so inundated with new threads that it can’t handle one more.

Other thoughts…

The Gizmoplex is functional, but seems dead to me. Hasn’t had an update or anything in so long its hard to even remember.

As far as ‘they don’t know’ … then someone official should come on the forum on at least a quarterly basis and SAY that. :slight_smile: “Hey guys … X, here. Just providing you an update that MST3K has no new business information for the forseeable future. See you next quarter.” Would that be so hard? That would be something the backers and fans could at least use to know where things were so they didn’t just drift away to never come back because there was nothing. It doesn’t have to be much. Just … SOMETHING.

Same applies to “what we can legally say”. They may not be able to say things that would be problematic, but they could say SOMETHING.

Just observing that there’s been a whole lot of nothing for a looooooong time and if MST3K wants to keep the fans along through this Sandstorm of Deep Waiting then they need to engage the community better. Again … not expecting the world here. Just a couple scraps now and again would do fine. But nothing? That’s lame. Saying nothing means that no one cares enough to bother trying and that kind of sucks.


I have the same thoughts. I mostly come on here looking for some sort of update since the season failure. Even confirmation that someone still exists behind the curtain or that we had a good run and it’s over would be a nice update. But not even a rumor of gossip at this time.

MST3K is a bit of a ghost website that looks like there have been no updates since season 13 launch. There’s hints of a live tour from a couple years ago, and an explanation of the gizmoplex. The Facebook page hasn’t had an updated post since February. So the inactivity feels like a subtle, “game over, thanks for playing.”

But I think the answer is right now we will be updated when we get updated if it seems necessary to update us. Until then, we can be kind to ourselves.


Season 13 was great! really hope they do update us on if or when Season 14 will come out.


Well, not to nitpick, but you did title it “Season 14,” Bud.


True. Fixed.

MST3K is a bit of a ghost website that looks like there have been no updates since season 13 launch. There’s hints of a live tour from a couple years ago, and an explanation of the gizmoplex. The Facebook page hasn’t had an updated post since February. So the inactivity feels like a subtle, “game over, thanks for playing.”

Exactly. This is not the behavior people see in a live, healthy endeavor. This is more like one of those sad malls that is completely abandoned except for one pathetic store.


The Gizmoplex app is still receiving regular updates.

Just FYI.


Thanks for the addition. Also [deep breath] not wanting to start a fight with anyone. However… maybe I’ll let my old-age flag fly high and say:

It’s possible that we as a whole have an exaggerated idea of just how much folks who don’t have our money in hand and don’t have a pitch happening owe us communication.

Granted, if this were the venture a few people suggested, in which the show’s makers would have essentially kept our donations without an immediate or fixed promise of when we’d get to see a season (or special, or…) it would make sense to be upset.

But my feeling is: they didn’t help themselves to my donation and then blink out. So I don’t feel any obsession with getting a wave and a generic greeting from them. Would it be cool? Sure. But it’s not mandatory. The show is still airing, and this space is still standing. I’m just gonna’ try and interpret that as someone important still having an interest in bringing us the thing eventually. In the meantime, I’ll just be here enjoying what we’ve got.


The season 14 failure really pulled the wind out of the sails. I like to think that somebody still has some plans for the future. But it would require a concerted effort and some money probably. And now they have all these other streaming services going on.

But mayhap we could keep the spirit alive here. Personally, I would love to get the Virtual Theater open again and maybe get some watch party apps up and running.

But for now, this is all we have to work with. And I believe this could keep going for a while at least. Just need the wherewithal to keep going.



Well I feel great.

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I get that opinion. It’s valid. It just doesn’t seem to be how things work in 2024. The norm is engagement for an entertainment company.

My feeling isn’t even that they need to have daily update or new content. Just some sort of interaction. People have been doing that since at least the 1980s. Maybe I’m too young. :person_shrugging:

Has anyone officially part of Alternaversal posted any content this year? I get more updates from Rooster Teeth and that company is officially shuttered.


Perhaps those endless live streams of MST3K on YouTube and Twitch have anything to do with the future path of MST3K?


This. Of course no one owes us anything. That’s not the mentality that I approach with anyway. But if I am going to remain interested, engaged, and have the sense that MST3K is going somewhere? Then yeah there kind of does need to be some minimal level of activity and engagement every once in a while.

MST3K may not owe us as fans anything … but we don’t owe them anything either. The entire nature of an entertainment platform operating independently from any major studios or production houses in 2024 of necessity becomes one where there’s a sort of partnership between the creators and the fan base who love the creation. And the coin of that realm is engagement.

The show had this when things were starting up. We had updates. We had images. We had emails from Joel. We had announcements and all the things that are typically associated with these sorts of scrappy efforts that depend on keeping the fans engage. But since S13 ended there really wasn’t much of anything until the S14 crowdfund … which fell on its face … and since then? Tumbleweeds.

If MST3K is going to keep moving forward, it really REALLY needs to be better at engagement. Because that’s all the show really has going for it at this point … the good will of the fan base. And that’s a bit tough to maintain when there’s radio silence for months and years.


I don’t. Costco had a big bucket of grapes, and they looked good. I ate too many.

But as to the future of MST3K, I’m cautiously optimistic.

They wanted to do another season. They went out and secured the rights to a suite of films, and spent the time and effort to run the (off brand) Kickstarter. They would have had to get quotes for, and secure the means of production, all the promised merch (or is it swag?). That takes time and effort they wouldn’t have spent if The Powers That Be didn’t want to carry on.

Yes, it failed, but there was intrest amongst the great unwashed. There has been considerable speculation on why it failed, but I don’t think any of them were that there was a lack of desire on anyone’s behalf.

If TPTB decided to ‘piss on the fire and call in the dogs’, I suspect that this forum would be shut down. The cost to keep the lights on probably aren’t that great, but they aren’t zero. The Dear Mods, I suspect, aren’t babysitting us as a hobby. I’ve no clue how they are compensated, but I’m sure it’s not more tee shirts. MST is serving up large video files. The disk space and bandwidth to do that is less than in days past, but it adds up. They have several 24 hour streaming channels that take care and feeding.

That all adds up. I ask myself why someone would spend that, and it makes sense to me that the reason is to keep the masses engaged. But not to sell the same disks that have the same thing they give away, and not to sell more of the same tee shirts. I think (hope) it’s because they want to make more, and want to pick our pockets to do it.

And I plan to be first in line.


I don’t think running a forum costs very much money at all. In fact, I’m on at least two other forums that are entirely maintained by either a single individual or a couple of users shelling out $10s of dollars every month with volunteer mods.

But if the goal is engagement, why not just drop an Instagram picture of visiting his comic shop the first Saturday of May? Or even leave a heart on a photo in the Art thread from time to time? It could take almost no less effort.


Aviator jackets and pirate boots, I bet.