Season 14, Gizmoplex, and MST3K ... Nothin' But Tumbleweeds

Honestly, before the 2015 Kickstarter, I had no desire for more MST3k. I was perfectly happy with RiffTrax, Cinematic Titanic and whatever else popped out of the woodwork. The last few seasons have been lots of fun and introduced me to talent I had been previously unaware of, and I’m grateful for that – buuuuut if there is truly nothing else coming, I can live with that. Season 13 ended on a high note, and I’m grateful for the friends I got to make thanks to the fandom surge in the last few years. Glad it happened, sad it’s over, thanks for the memories.


I agree. Not to rehash this well talked about topic, that sentiment really loomed over the campaign for me.

It never felt like “we want to do this!” Instead it felt like “yeah, we’ll make it if you want it”.

Totally different vibe then the first two Kickstarter campaigns


Weird, I definitely got a different vibe with the last campaign attempt, but certainly didn’t get a sense that they were done with it. To quote directly from Joel’s final campaign update after it ended:

One silver lining is that the continued support for this campaign, and the show, may have opened up some new conversations about potential partnerships and fundraising that could be key in getting the show another season.

We’ll spend some time now exploring those, and working to integrate all of the feedback and suggestions we’ve heard from you, and will follow up again next year, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, when we’ve had a chance to regroup and have more to share downstream.

For now, whether you pledged or not, please accept our thanks and gratitude for your ongoing dedication and investment in MST3K.

We’re proud that the show continues to mean so much, to so many, and will keep working to figure out a path forward so that we can hopefully continue to #MakeMoreMST3K.

That doesn’t read doom and gloom or “calling it quits” to me. In fact it suggests the exact opposite. I just figure with whatever skeleton staff they have at this point, combined with weighing up so many datapoints and potential options for how to approach funding the next season, it’s gonna take a while.


Ditto… I’d absolutely love another round of live shows…


Its interesting … there really does seem to be a lack of a true “center” to the MST3K fandom. I was hoping that the Gizmoplex and these forums would become the nexus where MST fans would centralize, but that didn’t happen and its kind of a problem that there is not a good nexus for the fans. There’s the Twitch streams, the YouTube channel, the Shout TV streams, the Gizmoplex, this place, and probably a dozen other forums or websites where different nuggets of the community go to get their information and community rather than any one large place that serves as the ‘spot’ where the creators, the fans, and everyone else can go and get the straight dope.


I want any future live shows to be documented and released on video, like all the prior ones should have been. It’s not like they wouldn’t sell.

But I’ll take a whole season of Emily and Co. Beyond Atlantis and The Batwoman were two of my favorites from 13. My wife’s favorites too.


I think what prevents that from happening is that it’s two separate sets of licensing for the movie in that case. Obviously surmountable, because Rifftrax does it once a year. But also clearly can get expensive, because this year Rifftrax says that there will not be post-Kickstarter sales of the DVD/BluRay of the live show of Point Break; it’s a single run of the discs.


That’s all fine and good, I would gladly buy it on the initial run. But to never have the chance to get a taping of the live show is not a great decision.


It depends on which part of the campaign you’re looking at. Matt McGinnis as the MC in the opening video didn’t instill confidence. Nor did Joel not putting out videos appealing to the fans. Nor the long time between Updates or the pre-taped Turkey Day intros and outros produced prior to the campaign even starting. Nor the timing of the whole campaign right before the Holidays and during a Sag Strike. It was the Jason Takes Manhattan of Crowdfunders where Manhattan shows up for two shots and the rest is Vancouver. I loved the update you mention but by then it was too little too late. I say this to contend I did read “doom and gloom” and “calling it quits” in the campaign and I agree with @InterestingWerewolf “Yeah, we’ll make it if you want it” was the sentiment. I tasted that every day of that effort. I even said so then and was laughed off by members of this group. The last crowdfunder was anemic at best and altogether a disappointment.


P.S. I say all this with absolute respect to everyone concerned. These are my thoughts and I wish I felt differently. I really do. I want to express my eternal, lasting, and sincerest thanks to Joel on making me believe in 2015, for resurrecting the show not once but twice, and allowing me to support your efforts these last few years. Your program saved my life. I’d be dead today if not for Mystery Science Theater 3000. Cave Dwellers came into my life when I absolutely needed it. And till the day I die, you Joel are like a father to me and that will never change. My debt to this show is why I backed and continue to. I learned to laugh and live due to you. I’ll never forget that and because I care about you and the show I said what I said. I give a darn and always will. Long Live MST3K.


Hey Bruce, it’s totally ok to hold two things true. No judgement.

You can love MST and still be disappointed by the season 14 campaign.

It’s BECAUSE you love the show so much that the disappointment feels so deep.

Just like I said in my very long post, we’ve all had some experience with grief since the campaign ended and we’re all working through it in our own ways and at our own times.

But under and beneath everyone’s frustrations are love. :slight_smile:


ABSOLUTELY and I firmly believe that.

I’m afraid that Jason analogy won’t leave my head now. Friday and Police Academy ran out of steam by 89. Nothing lasts forever. Which is probably why it came to mind.

And that’s when the C.H.U.Ds came out…



The Home Alone prequel?

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I agree. I think it is nice to say outright though. It’s too easy for people to read a negative and assume all negatives. Just like it’s possible for two people to have completely valid but conflicting experiences.

Much like we argued about whether Citizen Cane is a good movie. Both of us can have an experience and opinion. We don’t even have to convince each other of a consensus. Part of the beauty of the world is listening to each other.

It is hard for me to understand how anyone could think the season 14 crowdfunding attempt was not poorly planned and even more poorly enacted implemented. I’m sure there are some people that thought it was perfect, but I imagine that’s the minority.

At the time Joel wrote that letter I was a bit hopeful, but really I would have expected some engagement if work on a new season was being done. It feels a bit at this point like there is a community of fans and a community of actors, writers, etc and Joel. Whereas prior years it felt like one community.

If you asked me in December, I thought there was desire for a new season from the production company. At this point, I agree that I don’t see it. It might be a situation of “I’ll make the show if you want it” but it could be other reasons. For example, “I really hate having to ask people for money.” We will probably never know though. There is a not 0% chance we never hear a public word from Joel or Matt and Co.


Personally, I think Joel has walked away, but that’s hardly a for sure thing, it’s just the hunch I currently have.

That said, if we go past November of this year and have still gotten nothing, that’s when I feel I can be 100% certain we are officially done and season 13 is indeed the final season of the return era.


If it goes that long, I would suspect you are more than 100% correct because the chance of fans being onboard will also be low.


Fans were still onboard 18 years after the original show.


That was then when we were fans only. Post Return and Beyond, we were asked to be more and further some faithful realized they were happier with what they had then what was produced. The desire for more content isn’t there. Not at the moment. This might shift with time yet people have long memories and much of the divide is likely to remain. For now. Once many of us became producers not once but twice the bar moved. We saw how the sausage was made and the multiple trips to the well and sustainability and logistical issues reared their ugly head. The fire in the belly of 17 years in the wilderness is gone and it may take 10 years to get it back. If even then. What I’m saying is times change and so did the fandom. This is why it failed in November. The paradigm of 2000 is not the paradigm of today. It’s not that simple.

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