Season 14 Movie Picks

I trust the crew.

I digitize old VHS tapes as a hobby and try to enhance/remaster them. A tape I recently put in had the television broadcast premiere of the Robert Hays & Pam Dawber film, The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything.

Seems ripe for some MST3K riffing.

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Well, if there is hope for a Christmas short for Season 14, I have a doozy. Bonus, it’s also Canadian and animated:
From the dark recesses of the 1970s (1977 to be precise), prepare to enter the nightmare fuelled world of A Cosmic Christmas.

Created by Nelvana (the animation studio that brought the world such classics as Rock and Rule, Care Bears, Droids, Ewoks and Raccoons) 3 visitors from outer space (who look strangely like wisemen) come to earth to learn the real meaning of Christmas with help from a young boy named Peter and his pet goose. It’s a Canadian Classic that I think many people of a certain age have had burned into their brains. It is also certainly trippy. It is at least a classic in our house.

I have a wish for them to bring MST3k allllll the way full circle and riff the movie featured in the original KTMA pilot: The Green Slime


I was listening to the latest episode of Reels of Justice, which had Deanna Rooney as Special Guest Defense Attorney. During the post-trial analysis, she mentioned that they had tried to get The Peanut Butter Solution to riff on MST3K, but the rights holders clutched their pearls. Like The Final Sacrifice, it is a Canadian production. Coincidence? Read the book! For now, let us mourn all the Battlestar Galactica jokes that will never be.


While I think the movie selection for season 13 was outstanding, I’d like is to see a little more variety genre wise. Avalanche in season 11 took us away from the sci-fi, horror, fantasy stuff, and that was great, but a rare bird of late. (If you look at season 6, for example, there were as many grounded tales as there were fantastical ones).

So yeah, throw in a Wild Guitar, or a martial arts movie like The Fists of Bruce Lee, or heck, even another Master Ninja, Give us teenagers (High School Confidential) and another biker flick (CC and Company) or a western flavored one. If not those I’ve named (rights issues), then others like them.


I’m in favor of another Western. During the 1970s and into the early 1980s, there were lots of Spaghetti Westerns made over in Italy; they are of varying quality and some stopped playing up the serious angle like Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy, going for satire and lightheartedness.

A martial arts movie would be another fun choice, especially one of those Brucesploitation films from the 1970s!


One of my favorite theme songs, and a Kinji Fukasaku movie to boot. I think WB still holds the rights but seeing as though The Mask also opened with the WB shield, perhaps it might be easier than we think?

As I mentioned in the posts that I linked, I would be more than okay with bringing back multiple KTMA movies in one season. As much a part of history as those episodes are, they hadn’t really perfected the formula yet. Plus I’m sure Joel and perhaps J. Elvis could provide some insight on what they are able to remember from the original productions (then again, Joel mentioned that it was tough to remember those early days during the post-Bubble “Stinger” due to their busy production schedule).

Agreed, I would love to see another martial arts film on MST3K, it’s been such a long time…the last martial arts film Joel’s crew did might have been Cinematic Titanic’s riff of Al Adamson’s East Meets Watts. I’m all for it, as long as the riffing is done in good taste (which, given the overall inclusivity of the current MST3K crew, shouldn’t be a problem).


Western, you say? The Valley of Gwangi could tick two genres off.

Hey! You got your Santo in my Western!

Well you got your Western in my Santo movie!

“Who was that Silver Masked man?”

I tried watching this once and fell asleep. Not even our old pal Rene Cardona could make this dud interesting. Maybe I should try again.




They did No Retreat, No Surrender during the 30th Anniversary Tour.


And I would love having that at the ready, either streaming or on disc. That’s the one live show that came to my town and it was fantastic, IMHO it surpassed the Rifftrax version just for how well they tapped into the ghost of Bruce Lee stuff.

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Oh nice, I completely forgot about that (unfortunately I missed out on the live tour so I didn’t have a chance to watch it in person).

That also sounds like a fun movie overall, but not sure if anything would need to be edited out if it eventually makes its “televised” debut in future seasons. It’s a thought, although a part of me would rather keep those movies off televised MST3K as a special treat for those fortunate enough to attend.

I see it is time to restart my #JDBJonah campaign.

This must happen.

Seems like an odd take to me. I would love it if the live shows I made it to in person had been recorded in some capacity so I could enjoy in perpetuity, and I would not begrudge the opportunity for others who were unable to make it out to get to see them as well. With every live performance I have attended that has recordings available, the recordings never quite capture the feeling of being there in the moment, so you still have something unique to remember that those who were not there in person will never recreate by watching a recording.


Santo was in a Western? Cool! Wonder if it counts as a Zapata Western - those were set in Mexico and from a Mexican perspective.

After thinking about this for a bit, I’d be cool with Live Tour movies being featured. It’s likely because so few pro recordings of MST3K Live exist (and if they do, at least before Joel and Shout took over, Jim Mallon likely still has them - at least that what Trace said on Jonah’s podcast last year).

I haven’t ever attended a live MST3K, so having non-bootleg footage of one would be amazing. I think I mostly said that as a way for live audiences to feel as if they had experienced something unique, and only because there hasn’t been a ton of “official” live footage.

I’d personally be happy with live tour movies being featured on the show, though I unfortunately also wouldn’t be surprised if we heard complaints from some MSTies to the contrary.


100% the best part of the first live tour was the whole audience singing along with the theme song. So that’s one thing that the recordings will never recapture.

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I actually think I’d like to see The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra in s14. I know it’s more self aware than even the worst modern movies the crew has done, but I’m watching it right now and truly feel like the only thing missing is Joel and the bots’ silhouettes and snappy riffs. Maybe it would be an easy target but I do think it would be fun :joy: