Season 14 Release Cadence [Speculation]

Should we be fortunate enough to fund a new season of MST3K, I’ve been wondering what the release cadence would be for live events. So I’ve been speculating the various scenarios, based on how big of a season we get.

  • Full Season [12/12/36]

This is probably the most straightforward scenario, which would look much like Season 13.
1 new episode per month, with 1 new short paired with a surgically enhanced in between.

That leaves 24 remaining surgically enhanced episodes. Assuming they don’t just drop those in the Gizmoplex, could it be possible that we’ll get a weekly livestream, with just a couple weeks off? (12 episodes + 12 shorts/enhanced + 24 enhanced = 48 livestreams)

There may not be much fanfare with the solo enhanced episode drops, no Q&As, and maybe just prerecorded promos like the Synthia’s Selects.

  • Base Season [6/6/18]

We’d probably be looking at a new episode every other month, with the months in between airing a new short+enhanced episode livestream.

That would leave 12 remaining surgically enhanced episodes. So every month could have a surgically enhanced episode livestream, and either a new episode drop or a short+enhanced stream.

  • Medium Season [9/9/27]

This scenario gets a bit odd to space out, and might just be at the discretion of how MST3K wants to schedule things. The schedule might not be dictated by the months. Honestly there are so many ways they could slice it up, I don’t have a likely scenario in mind.

Thought? Opinions? Have any differing scheduling scenarios of your own?

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