Season 14

Will there be a Season 14? What needs to come in place to do so?


Buy stuff through the Gizmoplex and keep handing them money.


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No word yet on season 14, but if this endeavor is successful and they can fund another season, you can bet your buttered buttermilk biscuits they’ll make them for us.

So, buy what you can when you can and let any and every MSTIE you know in on the magic that is the Gizmoplex.


You need to win the lottery and sign your winnings over to Team MST3K.

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Welcome to the forums, Clay! If your username is a reference to the “Days Of The Week” character from SCTV, that’s awesome and I freaking love it.

I think MST3K has always been about that positive word of mouth. I’ve been trying to get friends who haven’t seen MST3K at all into the show and they’ve actually wanted to check it out! (That or it’s my quasi-obsessive enthusiasm.)

I’d like to second what 1godzillafan said above - bringing more people in and having them buy passes, episodes and subscriptions will undoubtedly help the bottom line. But word of mouth still matters.

In yesterday’s live thread, I mentioned that I showed a friend the “Mean Jonah” host segment from 1301. This friend doesn’t watch wrestling AND had never seen MST3K. He really enjoyed it and we ended up watching the Backer Cut of Santo as a whole.

Afterward, he said he was open to watching more episodes. He may not become a paying customer, but he might seek out more episodes on his own, which greatly increases those chances.

And if there’s a movie he’s familiar with that’s getting a riff in the future, he can always buy a ticket to that individual episode in the Gizmoplex without committing to a season. We’ve heard about films like Munchie and The Bubble being painful for the writers…the chance of word of mouth growing around episodes like these could be a positive.

That (IMO) is the heart of this show. The tapes kept circulating, the fanbase kept growing and we ultimately backed its comeback. Things might be a little different now but it’s sorta the same vibe.


Season 14 should be Gizmonic finally getting wise to the experiment, but they’ll keep it going because it’s why people know their name now.
And I expect Kabal to toss Kinga and Max into the theater…but they return the favor.