Season Pass Questions

I missed the Kickstarter and am new to the MST3K world but I’m considering the $135 season pass. I couldn’t find an email for support but I have a few clarification questions I hope someone can help me with:

  1. The write up states “…starting on May 6th, Gizmoplex visitors will be able to stream EVERY available classic episode of MST3K – that’s over 100 episodes from Seasons 1-10…”

Does that mean the Netflix seasons (Season 11 The Return and Season 12 The Gauntlet) are not included in the season pass and would need to be purchased separately?

  1. Is there any information regarding the average length of the 12 shorts? Are they closer to 10-20 minutes in length or 30-40 minutes?

  2. I’m assuming when the season pass expires in February 2023 that it will not auto renew?


The first short was almost exactly 10 minutes. I imagine that might be a common range.

Seasons 11-12 are not part of the 100+ episodes included. You can buy them separately, or rely on good ok’ Netflix.


When does the next short come out and why are they not with the main show?

When my 3 month pass expires, can I reuse my code? Will there be a discounted price if not?

The next new short film riffed (1302) will livestream on Thurs. May 12. The good news is the next new short film riffed (1303) is on Frid. May 13!

They stream the short films separately from the features so there is some new content for us to watch every two weeks. Plus there has been plenty enough with the movie, intermission and the after show Q & A sessions. I would not want to add an extra 10 to 20 minute short onto that.

The new shorts have so far been scheduled before a “tribute” rebroadcast of a classic MST episode.