Seattle Show!!!

Just got back from the Moore Theater, and I must say. Even if it’s the first live show I’ve seen, I still had a great time!!!

And here’s my attempt to do the famous “It stinks!” sign.

And now for me to draw one of my favorite moments, which will take a while.
Thanks so much @timryder for directing this awesome show!!!


So glad you enjoyed it! I know you’ve been looking forward to it for a while - hope it lived up to your expectations. Can’t wait to see the drawing!


I saw the show in SLC and I thought it was great. I can’t wait to see the new episodes with Emily. I also think making contact was a fun movie and I wish they would turn it into an actual episode. My wife isn’t really into Mst3k but she had a great time at the show. I think it would make a great episode to introduce new people to the show.


I’m still waiting for them to release the recording of the first live performance of Cinematic Titanic they did before doing DVD’s.

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