Secret Images/Messages?

Greetings. I finally got the time to finish up episode 1301, but I noticed something near the end of the episode. When Kinga is freaking out and telling Frank to “shut it all down”, I THOUGHT that I saw a “secret message” appear the moment that things were being shut down, as the iris of the camera was retracting. I literally spent ten minutes on my computer repeating those last ten seconds (because the Gizmoplex doesn’t allow a frame-by-frame advancement, just a “ten second” advancement for some reason), and I finally found my “secret message”:

SURPRISE! It wasn’t actually a secret message, just the banner that was going across the Gizmoplex as the last thing you see before the iris closes:



In the process of trying to discover this… slightly disappointing not-really-a-secret-message, just BEFORE the iris closes, I happened upon the following image for a split second:

BWUH??? WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? It looks like maybe an image of Baron Vaughn (voice of Tom Servo), in a… space suit? Or at least a space helmet… what IS this? Does this have some sort of greater meaning to the overall arch of the season? Or is it just a silly secret image that they put in for fun… just to be silly.

Feel free to speculate below, and/or let us know if you happen to see any OTHER secret images/messages. I suspect that this won’t be the first and only time that we’ll see something like this! :rofl:


I’ll say nothing except watch episode 1302 for more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good catch on that, @Ansible!


Whoa, nice catch. And, yeah, watch 1302.


All your questions will soon be answered…


There is nothing to speculate. Watch the new episode :wink:


Tell us you haven’t watched 1302 without actually telling us.



Woah that’s cool! I’ll need to go rewatch 1301 for that!

I’m pretty sure absolutely positive that Baron Vaughn’s outfit is a reference to Raymond Massey’s in Things to Come (1936):

Which makes perfect sense since Dr. Cabal is… :speaking_head: the mysterious financier from the future (“things to come,” get it? Oh, and there’s that movie later in the season, too… hmmm).

Edit: And guess what’s the name of Raymond Massey’s character in Things to Come?

”John Cabal”


You know, being a time-travelling financier must be a great gig, you can tell which investments are going to pan out and then just go back in time and invest.

Seems like a good sign for the Gizmoplex if Dr. Cabal is getting involved.


Not necessarily. Ever hear of short selling?


Shockingly, strange financiers from the future are not covered in Dodd-Frank.

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Oh… NOW I get it. Interesting though that they’d throw that in the previous episode. Makes me wonder what other hidden things we may find in the episodes. Those with a quick eye, pay attention! :smiley:


Now this is an interesting thread. So interesting I bet Joel and his friends didn’t think of that…
or did they?
I think they did put a lot of thought into this while we were waiting for the new stuff.
Still think Cabal’s a fraud, but he put effort into his scam if that’s the case.


Credit where it’s due tho, that clue was there all along and everyone else missed it. :grin:

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Not exactly secret or hidden, but there was some … interesting … things to be seen during the live episode premiere intro and the intro to the Q&A if you look around some.