See episodes early?

I kinda have a dumb question and apologies if this was answered already, but The EPISODE SCREENER, does that go for every episode for the new season on the night of at 12:00 ET? For example, the upcoming episode at the time of typing this Demon Squad, like do backers get access to the episode is it hits midnight?

Not a dumb question at all, @GusWebb, and no apologies needed!

You are correct, sir!

Episode screeners drop at 12:01 AM ET on the day of the episode premiere.

From a previous Kickstarter update:

  • The EPISODE SCREENER will be released at 12:01am ET on the day of the event. Screeners will include closed captions, but no additional content (e.g. sponsor ads, intermission, etc).
  • The LIVESTREAM PREMIERE will begin at 8:00pm ET, for those who want to watch live with the community. The livestream version will include additional content, like an intermission and sponsor segments, but will not have closed captions.
  • The LIVE AFTERSHOW will begin around 9:30pm ET, or as soon as the episode is done. Can’t make it to the premiere when it starts? Watch the episode earlier in the day, and you’ll be able to join the livestream late and catch the live discussion afterward!


Yeah. This is a dumb question:

When I breathe, do I breathe donuts?


We inhale crullers and exhale bear claws.


Ah okay, thank you. I’m excited because my friend and I are gonna try to catch it as it hits midnight. We’ve been geeking out on this since the teaser during the Mordrid premiere!


Oh, excellent!

You may have to allow a few minutes (give or take) for the episodes to actually appear in the Gizmoplex library, but you should be good to go at some point after midnight.


Hope you and your friend have a great time watching Demon Squad, then!


I think I coughed up an apple fritter the other day.


I’d like for us to evolve to the point where blueberry cake donuts are involved.

But yeah, I love it that the Gizmoplex has that early episode release system in play for folks who can’t make it to the livestream episode premiere.


The gas station by my office has prepackaged strawberry cheesecake donuts.

They should be illegal they’re so good.


Also worth pointing out from that Kickstarter update:

  • EPISODE SCREENERS will be available to STREAM at 12:01am ET on the date of their premiere, and can be downloaded for viewing in the iOS and Android apps.
  • EPISODE SCREENERS will be available to DOWNLOAD at 12:01am ET two weeks after their premieres, DRM-free, for easier offline viewing and backup.

Remember not to post any episode details or reactions, at least not without blurring them with [ spoiler ] tags. Even the during-episode “OPEN THREAD” has a no open spoilers policy [clarification: … prior to their airing during the livestream]. Later there is usually a “SPOILER” discussion thread, after each episode has aired, where it’s open season on the episode’s goodness.

As for me, I usually watch at least some of the “screener” because it’s difficult for me to be ready to start watching at showtime (7pm CDT). That way I can sneak in late and still be “live” the rest of the event. Plus Fridays are even happier with that lengthy sneak-peek replaying in my head.


I might wait till the discussion when everyone sees it live tomorrow night

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Excellent points, thank you for bringing those up.

As a reminder from the Open Thread for the Doctor Mordrid livestream premiere:

Because there is an episode screener available at 12:01 AM ET on the livestream premiere date, the Open Thread’s spoiler warning is meant to prevent ruining any twists, turns, and jokes yet to come in the theater segments and the host segments during the livestream premiere. It’s to prevent folks who had already seen the episode from ruining anything for folks who hadn’t seen the episode before.

Running commentary where a forums user is remarking on what’s currently happening onscreen during the episode/movie is okay. Ruining the surprise of what happens later in the episode/movie is not okay.


I wait for the live stream because:

A) I don’t really have a chance to see it between midnight and 6 PM anyway.
B) There’s something about the whole thing that makes it even better. Like seeing the first showing of a movie with a really jazzed audience.


I stayed up for Santo, but a UK start time of 1am meant that when I tried to do the same for Robot Wars, I dozed off and woke up only in time for the last few minutes of the post-screening chat.
Early access is a great addition to the Gizmoplex for some of us funny foreign types.


I figure I’ll watch the start of Joel’s episode at midnight, then finish it in the morning

But do they have Raisin Snails?


Sadly, no.

Hot Fuzz Shame GIF

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Only if it’s Jelly or custard filled :slightly_smiling_face:

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