See episodes early?

I really appreciate them doing this - the 5pm time was tough, clashed with my work schedule. Plus, I’m a night owl, have been my whole life, I live for the midnight hour.

Another benefit of watching early is that it’s like I have a treasured secret, one I can’t share until much later. So I’m like a kid giggling behind his hands, "Just wait till you hear what Servo says about the thing with the deal… hi-larious! Tee-Hee."


I like the west coast 5PM start. I just finish up work a couple minutes early, go up to the living room, put on the stream and watch to the end of the aftershow.

Monopolizing our main TV for the full length can be harder some days, but the “We’re watching this live” goes a long way.

Alright about two hours left till the episode screener, can’t wait to see Joel’s return!

AND DON’T WORRY, I will not spoil it for y’all!

Again I want to thank @optiMSTie for helping clarify some stuff about the episode screener.

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My pleasure, glad to help!

Again, don’t be surprised if it takes a few after midnight for the episode to show up, but that’s the plan for the episode release, anyways.

Enjoy, and happy viewing!

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Thanks! And my friend and I got some extra stuff to watch and do to help pass the time.

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Are all comedians medians together? ONLY when they’re together?

Whenever I want to watch an episode early…
I now usually skip the movie itself so that I would watch it later during the premiere, and just watch the host segments.

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Oh aren’t you clever! Usually my kids stay up and watch the new episodes with us, but this one might be too intense. Maybe pre-watching a bit today and then hopping in late to the live show one they are asleep is the right plan.

So me and my friend recorded our reactions to the Demon Squad episode, but I’m gonna wait till either during the premiere or after the premiere tonight to share them.