Seeking DIY Advice: Teal Coveralls

Since teal coveralls are so difficult to find, I was thinking about getting a pair of Red Kap (or similar) coveralls in white and then dying them teal using off the shelf Rit teal dye. Has anyone tried this before? Any advice or cautions about doing this from the more experienced Mystie cosplayers out there? Anything I should know before starting this little endeavor? Is there a brand of coverall or type of fabric or type of dye that works best for this kind of project?


The guy in my Krewe who has a Jonah costume said he had to use a crawfish pot as it was the only thing large enough. Although you’d probably also be able to use the washer dying instructions. That’s what I used when I did my mission jacket.


After you mentioned the washing machine, I looked up the how-to on Rit’s website and that looks crazy easy. Thanks for the response.


It is pretty easy, but for washer dying you’ll want to use almost double the dye you’d use otherwise… but then again, Joel’s Teal jumpsuit was a bit faded so you might be fine.

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I think I was expecting something different: