Selective Amnesia

Maybe this is just me and my ADHD, but does anyone else have an episode that they just can’t remember anything about no matter how often they’ve seen it?
For me it’s Yongary. I’ve definitely watched it more than once, but if you ask me about it I have noooo idea what it’s about, besides being a monster movie. Then once you put it on I’m like “Ohhh yeahhhh! [lie fabrication complete]. I remember this now!”

Though tonight I put it on and even the invention exchanges at the beginning were totally unfamiliar to me. For five whole minutes it was like I was seeing the episode for the very first time :joy:


The She Creature


It’s not a bad thing if it continues to amuse you. It’s the ones where you are like, “Oh, this is terrible. No wonder I didn’t remember anything…” where it’s a bother.

The Day Time Ended is one of those for me.


I’ll have to admit that I’ve never experienced that. I have a memory for trivia, for music and for movies. The only episodes I don’t remember details on are the ones I rarely watch, but even those, I have some memories of them. For example, in the years since I started watching the show, I’ve seen Sidehackers a grand total of two times, and yet, I still remember Crow’s voice stating, “For those of you watching at home, Rita is dead.” And I remember Cambot doing his silent riffs with the scoreboard. Plus, I remember the final shot of the film itself. And that’s from watching two times (the last time being more than a decade ago).


Yes, absolutely. For me the #1 example is Mighty Jack. For some reason my brain wants it to be a Western just based on the title. Then I’m surprised when it turns out to be more like a Fugitive Alien type genre.

Other episodes I have very little recall for:
Fire Maidens from Outer Space
The Human Duplicators
Gunslinger and Last of the Wild Horses
The Creeping Terror


Red Zone Cuba
The Skydivers

Freakin’ Coleman Francis…


Mighty Jack and I’ve tried, oh my god have I tried… to watch that ep

It’s like a memory blocker on steroids


There’s spy stuff in Mighty Jack, a blinding chamber, a super-secret jet, and a Bond villain sorta guy, but outside of that very general stuff, it’s more or less a random haze to me.


Stranded In Space for me. Not only is it seemingly the least talked about experiment, there just isn’t much of anything in it that I can remember offhand (other than it’s an FVI presentation and it has Cameron “Captain Santa” Mitchell).


Starfighters. Also San Francisco International.

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Yeah, that one kinda fades to the background, too.

The astronaut’s on EVIL EARTH, there’s bad guys in turtlenecks and there’s the Paul Revere test, but I’m blanking out on specifics something fierce.

It’s odd, because the Amazing Colossal Episode Guide treats Moon Zero Two in this way, with Mike saying that no one who contributed to the book had any concrete memory of that episode and joking that Best Brains considered it to be an elaborate hoax. But the thing is, I recall much more about Moon Zero Two than I do Stranded in Space.

Maybe some of that is due to how Pluto TV and Shout stream Moon Zero Two every now and then, while Stranded in Space doesn’t make the streaming rounds.

THEN AGAIN, Mighty Jack gets the streaming treatment, and I don’t have much recall there.


The blinding dome is the only part I can ever remember, only because of how unbelievably stupid it is. Plus the whole host segment making fun of how unbelievably stupid it is.



That host segment is inspired in its takedown of just how rock-stupid that whole scene/concept was. It was impossible to take that sequence seriously, and that gave the writers some real inspiration to work with.

And then there’s the rest of the movie, where something happened, but damn if I know what that is, exactly.


“Aren’t you supposed to be my cat?”
“Thank you!”


“You gettin’ all this, Cy?”

That movie isn’t very good. But evil Timmy/Crow kinda saves it for me.


Memo to self: Pack more life-saving liquid.


Stranded In Space is a good pick, but I think Mighty Jack takes it. I think one of the main reasons is the evil organization, Q, does a lot of betraying and kidnapping and even humping suitcases until they explode, but what do they want? Wikipedia says it’s stitched together from a TV show, but so are the Fugitive Aliens and Riding With Death, and whatever their flaws, their plots are clear. Even Fu Manchu’s plans are clearer, and that movie is horrible.

I always mix up Indestructible Man and Amazing Transparent Man, and also find them elusive. My personal worst , though, are First Spaceship on Venus and Blood Waters of Dr. Z. For Venus, I remember it’s in color and there’s an old guy in glasses and . . . that’s about it. Blood Waters, I remember the opening and the girl walking into the ocean at the end, but just nothing else. Oh, and It Lives By Night. There’s caves, and a hospital . . . and bats or something . . .


You don’t remember what that movie is about because it isn’t about anything.


I just watched “Lassie: The Painted Hills” yesterday and except for the hygiene short and Crow’s book report on Rutherford B Hayes, I remembered almost nothing about that episode… There are quite a few episodes like that and I think it’s why I just never get tired of the show… it always seems canned ham fresh.


That’s not true. It’s about An American Man of a Certain Age