Sell me on Clu Gulager

The first time I ever heard the name Clu Gulager was on MST3K. Then I thought it was neat that the kid of the funny name guy I heard about on MST3K was directing a movie on Project Greenlight. His pops was going to be in the movie, too. And he was. I’m pretty sure that that is my entire exposure to the Clu monster: having heard his name and seeing him be in his kid’s movie. I realized that I have no other reason to be interesting in him besides that.

So, tell me why I should like Clu Gulager.

Really lay it on thick. Negative reClu’s are also encouraged (because maybe perhaps I shouldn’t like him at all what). Your opinion of ol’ CluGu is on the line here people. Should I join the Clu-b? Or, should I say, “see ya Gu-later.”


Well…did you ever see Clu Gulager and Evonne Goolagong with the Groovy Ghoulies in The Gulag Archipelago?

If that doesn’t sell you nothing will.


Clu of the Living Dead:

Clu with a smoke and a beer:

Chuck Norris gets a Clu (Kung Clu?):

Lee Marvin and Clu sweating Norman Fell:

Clu initiating Vera Miles in PsychoThe Initiation.

With John Wayne in McCluGuQ



Leonardo Dicaprio Reaction GIF by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


It’s his delivery, his nonchalant way of delivering a line. It either appeals to you or it doesn’t. As I was growing up (and as the original Brains were growing up), he was in a large number of the TV shows I saw, and I enjoy watching him.
The scene with the made-for-TV hippie in San Francisco International is quintessential Clu. If you don’t like him there, then you don’t like him.

It’s interesting to me that you say you only heard his name on MST3K, not saw him on MST3K, which makes me think you haven’t seen San Francisco International or Master Ninja and might want to elevate your MST3K fandom to another level.


I met one of his sons once and he was a really nice guy, so by the transitive property, Clu was a really nice guy. And that’s why you should like him.


If you order now, we’ll expedite shipping of your Clu and throw in a James Garner for just the cost of shipping and handling.

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Know your Clus

Good Clu:

Bad Clu:

That other Clue


Whu is Clu?

It’s time yu knu.

Because far tu fu du.

While some may go for Rod Caru, Kate Mulgru or even Harmon Killebru,
entre nu, only Clu will du.

For Clu was tru blu and loyal tu!

He was a man of derring-du,
not a lunkheaded yahu
or some dainty little ingenu
and certainly no friend of Prince Andru
(a man I’m sure he would eschu)!

So is Clu for yu?

Yu know it’s tru!

Just ask yourself, “What would Clu du?”

But now, I must bid yu “adu”
for it is time to watch Nu Zu Revu.


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He’s not in this movie.



One of so many cameos.


Better Clu than Cluless.

Alicia Silverstone Cherilyn Horowitz GIF by filmeditor

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I was too busy swimming to Cambodia.

Well he does do a fine Phil Hartman.

Not knowing who he was may have contributed to my face blindness.

But that’s Clue Do n’t you think?

enter naked? You devil you.

But what if Clueless was chock fulla Clu?


Don’t you start with me, m’laddo. My monopoly board growing up had Old Kent Road and Mayfair on it.

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You know, I’m still not quite sold on Clu Gulager.

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I’m telling you, he was a nice guy. Buy his ghost a beer and hang out.

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Just Clu it.


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