Sequels too much like the original?

One that I can think off the top of my head, is Oh God, Book 2.

It’s basically the same story, it practically ignores the people and events in the first one like it never happened, and the ending is practically the same thing. it’s still a fun movie, but compared to Book 3, it’s not needed at all and can easily be skipped. although the ending is still fun. i’m a sucker for normal people accepting abnormal situation things like super powers.

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Star Wars 4 and Star Wars 7.


Book 2 came out and was number one on the weekend I was born.

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The 3rd is even worse, though.

I liked Number 3 better than two. Burns does a pretty decent job portraying the two deities and doesn’t make you bored doing so. I dunno if Morgan Freeman could have had the same range :).

Actually, it was Hangover 3 that I meant. Agreed on You Devil, though.

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