I am starting to write on a mst3k fan film project called Serial Killer Riffers, it’s about three (or two if I change my mind) horror movie rip-off killers who are forced to watch bad movies as Punishment for their horrific crimes. For this fan film I chose the film “The Curse of Bigfoot” from 1975, right now I only want to focues of making one but if it goes well I am try to make more in the future.

So far I am writing the host segments and have come up with two of my three killers; Karl Craven (A rip-off of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th) and Jimmy Holly ( A rip-off of the driller killer from Slumber Party Massacre 2) then for the third one I am inbetween a zombie or canibal.

I have been trying to make a MST3k fan film for years but this time (now that I am in college) I plan to see this through to completion. I may use this thread to post updates and the full project once completed, I hope you all will like it.


Wild. Once saw a proposal for a dark fanfiction in which Joel himself was a serial killer exiled to space by “Mad” cops. In the end, you don’t even know if the robots were beings he actually built or just hallucinated. He eventually just gives up and lets himself out an airlock.

o_0 Whatever. I don’t get fandom sometimes.

Good luck with the project.