Servo Parts

I’m building a Servo ornament. I found the exact gumball machine in ornament form. I found a barrel shaped ornament, and I have a plan for the cone of shame hover skirt. My problem is that I don’t know what is on Servo’s chest and the hover skirt. I can find out how many there are from watching an episode.

Thank you, I’ve tracked down the parts for the hover skirt. If someone can narrow down the chest piece search parameters that would be helpful. Even just a brand name would help a lot. I really appreciate everyone’s help!


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The chest object is an engine, possibly from a tractor toy. The black bits on the skirt are vacuformed copies of a locomotive from a train set.


The chest piece is from a short production run dune buggy, the engines are from a tyco turbo train.


Thanks I found the train.

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