Set piece on eBay...

Another piece of MST history is up in eBay!

Unfortunately this does feel a lot like the eBay sales Best Brains had at the end of season 10… End of an era.


I don’t remember that appearing in S11, S11 or S13. Was it a touring background?

Was that the Pearl Selects background?

I don’t recall seeing that on the show either.

Interesting that it says shipping from Austin, TX. I would have expected PA.

Wasn’t that the user who sold Pearl’s jacket?

A grand would be a decent price if not for the extra room I’d need to build on for a proper display.

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All props and set pieces left behind after production wrapped need to be given away, sold, or stored fairly quickly. Looks to me like (i.e., an uninformed guess) someone saved it from the dumpster and later realized they didn’t have space for it.



In the interest of teaching others to fish, this can be confirmed by viewing the seller’s other items then changing the filter to show completed items.


That’s not a good sign.

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Eh. They expressed a desire to make people happy and do physical sets again in the future-future. So I don’t think it’s really a sign of anything.


Pearl’s jacket though?

They can make her a new one. Or she can get that fancy party gown from Puma Man out of mothballs. :wink:

Which reminds me: I saw a bunch of Roger Whitaker stuff at an estate sale late last week. Woo!


How expensive do you think that jacket was to produce?


I have no idea. Depends on whether or not it was a custom tailoring, I guess.

The jacket is a costume piece. Likely modified from an off the shelf article or not made to last.

If they film in LA, they can rent all sorts of costume pieces cheaply.


Also the sale of one character’s jacket doesn’t mean the entire show is going away. It could be that Mary Jo has decided not to return. Sad, sure, but not the end of the world.


Or, “MJ, do you want your Pearl jacket? It was under $50 to make, so we’re going to throw it out. No? Oki Doki.”


Or “MJ, we have 4 of your jackets already. We’re going to sell one.”


I prefer to believe it went down like this:

“MJ, you spilled pneumatic fluid all over this jacket! Looks like it is yours now, and you owe us $50.”

Ten minutes later, MJ is out back by the dumpster, “Pssst, hey, you with the jumpsuit on, you wanna buy this jacket for $100?”


As someone who has worked in costuming, I can assert that there were a lot more than one jacket. Costume pieces are made to look fine on screen, not last. Over the years there would have been a multitude of jackets and the sale of ONE signifies nothing.