Several Issues with the Video Fridge

When browsing the video fridge, I can’t see the canister for either the rewatch of Santo in the Treasure of Dracula or the individual version of the episode. The individual version of Santo does show up if I sort by Jonah as host, and both of them show up if I type in Santo into the search bar.

In addition, certain titles I’ve purchased appear as rentals (At the Earth’s Core, Bride of the Monster, Code Name: Diamond Head, Daddy-O, Horrors of Spider Island, Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders, Star Force: Fugitive Alien II, The Starfighters and The Violent Years) which also means the episodes are out of order when sorting by A-Z or by Date.

Even without the above issue, there are several other titles that go out of order when sorting by Date. When sorting by date, the shorts are all over the place, with Joel and Mike shorts sometimes alternating, while Invaders from the Deep appears near the end of the lineup.

Some canisters’ labels also appear to look blurry when browsing the Video Fridge (A Case of Spring Fever, Appreciating Our Parents, Are You Ready For Marriage?, Assignment: Venezuela, Body Care & Grooming, Cheating, Circus on Ice, Johnny at the Fair, Revenge of the Mysterious from Mars, Last Clear Chance, Mr. B Natural, Once Upon a Honeymoon, Posture Pals, The Chicken of Tomorrow, The Home Economics Story, Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm, What About Juvenile Delinquency?, What To Do On A Date, Why Study Industrial Arts?).

I’ve included several screenshots so you can see what appears on my end.


Getting same issue in first paragraph.


How about a way to show what movies you have already watched or have not completed watching?