Shared Episode Numbers

Now looking at the episode_number field…

“The Sword and the Dragon” and “High School Big Shot” both have episode_number 137

“Short: Progress Island U.S.A.” and “Short: Money Talks!” both have episode_number 600.21 which may or may not be a problem. As it turns out, most shorts do not have episode numbers. This does not appear to cause a sad in the real fridge (it messes up the one I built because this is the field I sort on), so another low priority but may as well point it out.

These all have NULL values:

  • A Case of Spring Fever
  • Appreciating Our Parents
  • Are You Ready For Marriage?
  • Assignment: Venezuela
  • Beyond Atlantis (PREVIEW REPLAY)
  • Body Care And Grooming
  • Cheating
  • Circus On Ice
  • Design For Dreaming
  • Johnny At The Fair
  • Last Clear Chance
  • Mr. B Natural
  • Once Upon A Honeymoon
  • Posture Pals
  • The Chicken of Tomorrow
  • The Home Economics Story
  • Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm
  • Welcome to the Gizmoplex!
  • What About Juvenile Delinquency?
  • What To Do On A Date
  • Why Study Industrial Arts?
  • Young Man’s Fancy

New edition:

“REPLAY 1307: Gamera vs. Jiger” and “REPLAY 1306: Demon Squad” both have episode number 1356