Sharing MST3K

Anyone got a fun story about initiating a person or persons into MST3K?

For me, I did my study abroad in England, and I pretty quickly joined the local Nerd Club at the university I was attending. One evening I had the opportunity to play my DVD of Space Mutiny for them. There was a little resistance at first- I remember a mocking quip during the opening sequence asking if this show was for children. But they were laughing soon enough. Some highlights:

  • There was a noticeable frisson at the riff “How does this affect the Basque separatists?” I think they were just flabbergasted at hearing an American voice say the words “Basque separatists”.

  • “They shouldn’t have set their phasers to Miss.” was declared the joke of the week.

  • My chair was positioned behind a girl who, AFAIK, never spoke. When Mike said, “I’d like some mixed flowers for my eunuch.” I watched her shoulders shake with laughter and really, if nothing else, that made me feel like I’d done something good.