Shawn Levy, director of FREE GUY, was Jimbo from ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE!


He’s also an Academy Award-nominee for producing Arrival and one of the creatives behind “Stranger Things”.


If the orchestra tried to play him off the stage at the Academy Awards, he’d just throw pasta at everyone.


Mind Blown! That’s a long way from the Twist & Creme! So, he had more success than Adam West. Found this awesome review from another of the stars on IMDB:

ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE was my very first movie as an actor. I was chosen to play the hero, Frank Sorrel, a young detective who uncovers the secret of the zombie murders. When I made this picture, I was told it would be a big theatrical release. And I was thrilled to work with my childhood hero, Adam West. But about half-way through production, I began to realize how low-budget this epic was. I was mortified by the final product…that is, until MST3000 turned it from a lousy horror film to a downright hysterical comedy. Thank you, Crow and Tom Servo, for making me proud to be an actor!


Yeah, that is a trip.

Along with Timothy Van Patten.

Also of note is just how terribly unphotogenic the young Velvet Fog was in one of the Mamie Van Doren pictures.

Interesting coincidence, there’s some rube who “wrote” some illiterate scrawls for a local small-town rag by the name that is homophonous with “Shawn Levy.” Literally one of the stupidest people I’ve ever met. Excluding people with organic brain disorders.

Different guy, but I’m not surprised that the pasta-throwing cretin has had a legitimate career, while the other has not.

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Shawn, I just hope you don’t meet Joe Don Baker…at all.
Will give Free Guy a shot on Tuesday just before Rifftrax Live

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Anyone else notice that (for most of the film) all this guy did was accidentally run over someone standing in the middle of a dark street at night wearing all black? Well, that and throw noodles at his mom.

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It gets better. One of the episodes of Stranger Things he directed was Season 4’s “Dear Billy”. The one that Kate Bush in particular will remember for many years.

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So, could we get “A Tribute to…” Zombie Nightmare and invite Shawn for a Q&A after chat?

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