She Creature or Human Duplicators

I enjoy The She Creature and think of it as an underrated gem that we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss. That “Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi” host segment is a hoot, and I dig the atmosphere and world of that movie and how the riffers rise to respond to that.

That being said, The Human Duplicators is a stronger, funnier episode. It’s more laidback and has a more enjoyable, lighter vibe, and there’s a lot of great running gags, like the Richard Kiel voices (why didn’t we get these in Eegah?) and the imitation of that nasally-voiced woman who might possibly be from Joisey.


I don’t know why, but I’ve just never fallen for The She Creature. It’s smack in the middle of my favorite season (8), but just doesn’t do it for me. On the other hand, I love Human Duplicators. It’s Richard Kiel, the adorable Delores Faith. And, to top it off, George Nader and Hugh Beaumont. A winner all the way!


Well I’m watching She Creature right now and it’s not doing it for me so…. :grimacing:


I just recently started watching Revenge of the Creature and I had to quit because of all the Gill-Man torchah. It was painful.

I’m on record as a Corman defender, and I really like The Undead. The concept is great, the actors playing the female leads all give great performances, and the ending is super satisfying. It’s a one-set wonder, but it’s pretty fun hanging out there, especially once Satan shows up.

I like She-Creature more, but yeah, Human Duplicators has Richard Kiel. Scientist: “I have important work to do! I will not be distracted by a total stranger with fantastic ideas!” “BUT YOU WILL SIR.”


The She Creature holds a special place in my heart, because of all its many many occurrences throughout the mstie-verse, this episode is king for the infamous imperative: SLEEEEEP!

That said, THD is a far better episode over all, extremely enjoyable and rewatchable.


DEFINITELY Human Duplicators. For me they did some of their best work during Seasons 4 and 5, and Human Duplicators is just hilarious. Great riffing, great skits (Hugh Beaumont is in a BAD mood), and the Mads’ Fridge Alert invention is priceless. For whatever reason, the early Season 8 episodes have just never set me on fire (except for the classic Mole People episode).


Rewatched Human Duplicators as the severe storms moved through the area. No damage, was lucky.

Hadn’t seen Human Duplicators in what feels like forever, but it always hits me … (spoiler) … when Kollos makes his departure speech and says that he’s decided that he must also be an Android, I still find myself thinking, “But you showed more emotion towards Lisa Dornheimer than anyone else in the entire freaking movie! How could you be a robot?”

Anyway, it was a great dark and stormy night MST3K watch party for me and the cat :slight_smile:


Even Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi chooses Human Duplicators.


This is really surprising to me, everyone’s near unanimous agreement here!?!

I love watching She Creature, while I’ve only seen Human 2x like two or three times.

Can’t really explain it, I just find HumanDup really boring. Despite Richard Kiel having a great role in it and all the host segments.

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