Shirt size?

I hate to admit, but I’ve put on a little weight since the kickstarter, and I need to upgrade from a L shirt to an XL, is that possible?


I’m XL and I’ve lost around 30 pounds since I quit drinking and went “California sober” if you know what I mean. Sorry to hear about the weight gain, though.

I’m around 202 now but I was as low as 197 about 3 months ago.


This was in the FAQ just before the shipping emails came out…

So while you are “stuck” with what you originally selected, there has been talk here about setting up a rewards swap/exchange/whatever so you may still be able to unofficially upgrade.


Changing your rewards request is probably not possible at this stage - rewards were manufactured in the quantities they were requested. However - the mods have discussed setting up a thread for people to swap items so they can trade sizes or styles in an effort to get everybody what they need without producing and additional items.

This has not yet been figured out or set up, but stay tuned.

While I’m at it, welcome to the forums! Stick around and make yourself at home. We’ll post something when we’ve figured out how to make this happen.


If I end being the only backer whose size has remained stable, I hope there’s a special badge for that.

I mean, I was down about 15 pounds in late winter, but that was my insides rejecting a certain medication, so it was all just water weight, I’m sure.


@ChibiBuizel, I’d love to echo what’s been said by @NotTVsFrank: welcome to the forums - very glad to have you around this-a-ways!


There should absolutely be a special badge for this. I’m finding as I approach mid-50s that weight is like a seismograph needle, jumping all over the place.

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Screenname checks out

Now if Joe Don would just ditch the baby oil.
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