Short 1303 - Court Case

Did you love this short or was it a massive let-down?


I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that someone made an entire short about tennis balls.


All those scenes of balls covered in various types of glop will haunt my net-- er, nightmares. :scream_cat:


Stay far away from the Rifftrax short: This is Hormel.


Too late. :dizzy_face:


There are entire documentary series about the construction of household items. They usually are more ace than this, which was more of a six.


I like it very much. And Kelsey was killing it, I know they assign riffs, and she got a bunch of good ones, but her delivery made them all the funnier.

Speaking of assigning riffs, seeing her videos and pictures of her puppet work room, I think the ‘Muppet eyes’ line could have only been given to her.

Not to slight Emily and Conor, they had some nice ones as well.


I may be misinformed, but it is my understanding that Joel always wanted MST3K to be very kid friendly, which is great. However, it seemed to me that the riffs on this one (although there were a number of good ones!) kind of overall missed the mark.

Let’s be a bit adult here, we had a short where balls were mated, got felt, and finally sealed in the can until they were checked to see how well they could be played with. Nothing.

Personally, I would love to hear what Frank and Trace would do with this one. If you need an example of where they might go, check out “More Dates for Kay” from the MST3K reunion on Rifftrax. Hilarious!


I dug the short. I always seem to like these corp-prop pieces that were made for very small targeted markets. Emily and crew did another great job. Their collective “uh…” when the narrator mentions “this is leading to a three-way” was great.

Oh, and thanks very much for the riff mentions of Phantasm and Katamari Damacy! :heart:


Eh. Overall, the Kay short is funny but there’s a riff or two which I could’ve done without because it seemed too blue. Honestly, the best one by far is when there’s some weird double entendre just sitting out there and one of them cries, “She’s writing her own riffs!”


I kind of felt the opposite. They never explicitly made a riff with words (other than “BALLS!”), but there were a few points where they made suggestive noises. The very pregnant “Uhhhh…” SandyFrank mentioned, and later when the pistons are pumping into the balls there’s a chorus of “Oh yeah, that’s it” sounds, and a couple of other similar moments. I think that’s the most sexual I’ve seen the show get with its riffs. (I was kind of expecting a mammogram riff when we watched the rubber pellet getting squished by the giant machine, but perhaps not too surprising they didn’t go there. We did get the maxi pad riff shortly after that.)

But we don’t all have to have a set opinion on the matter. There’s always room for some back and forth. I thought they served up plenty of good riffs. At least, that’s my spin on it.

I do have to add, though, that saying the tennis short earned your love is kind of a backhanded compliment.


“Contact is extreme. Either brutal or feather light.”

“Like my marriage.”

Bit of a dark one there, Emily.


I understand that it wont appeal to all viewers, but I like poor taste or black humor in my comedy, so the dark riffs I was okay with (Emily’s eugenics line was another).

Also - even though it ran about the same length as the water short, this one felt fuller, more complete - they cut about 2 minutes out of it, whereas Pipeline lost about 10 min… and I get why, but that one felt like it was over before it should have been, and the cooking short was very short -funny, sure- but before you know it, it was gone.

Court was just right, it didn’t feel chopped up, and the riffers had time to settle into the piece, it all flowed very naturally, the perfect marriage of short and riff.


haha! you said “love”


That means nothing!


As an Irishman, fairly offensive accent, but whatever, tis a bit of fun. 7/10 mildly racist but would recommend. :rofl:

No offense actually taken, carry on as you were :slightly_smiling_face:


Fantastic short all the way around.

Also, Kelsey Ann Brady is my favorite person of the year for her delivery of “Tell Uncle Paulie I got the money AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I hurt my throat laughing at that riff!


I probably shouldn’t talk for everyone but…

The adults are all capable of making up all our own dirty jokes.


Also, this.


Kelsey has the perfect voice for rich snob impressions.