Short #2 Stream?

So, this is an awkward question…
I had to miss the new short last night, so I’m wondering when the official release will be? I thought it was supposed to be up by midnight?
(No worries if you ran into problems, that’s probably what happened. Doing a whole show by yourselves is difficult, I know)

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It’s up already.

Oh, I meant the official release, but you’re right – it’s in the Future War stream! Thanks!

It’s got a standalone one too, but only in the members pass area at the moment.

(slinks away)
Thank you!

It’s a short short too lol


“Who likes short shorts?” :notes:

“We like short shorts!” :notes:

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That must have been the shortest short they’ve ever done. Not much to work with either… the riffs were mostly goofy sound effects.

I thought Sally GasCo was really cute, though. I wonder if she’d go steady with me and wear my varsity jacket?


Was the girl from last night’s short the daughter from A Date with Your Family?

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Note to self:
Next time, look in my pass before asking