Shorts not being filtered by host correctly

Not sure if we’re supposed to post issues or not, so feel free to delete this–

I just got my beta tester invite, and got in without issue. However, in the “B2 Screening Bunker”, if I pick “MST3K Shorts” from the Collection filter, I get the correct list of them, but if I also filter by host (Joel or Mike), I get zero results.


Sounds like someone hasn’t heard of the Problem Spotter badge.

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Noticed the same thing. The card that opens when you select the canister shows a button for the host, but when you click it you get the list of full episodes filtered by that host, but no shorts.
Maybe connected to the fact the canister label doesn’t display the handy-dandy host sticker either?

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I see that still, here on May 4th

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Still noted as issue on 5/12/22.

It looks like the required data might only be set on season 13 shorts because the filter will find my Jonah and Emily shorts, but not Mike or Joel shorts. These are season 13 only.

The newly released shorts from the RiffTrax kickstarter have the proper metadata, so when you filter on Mike, those five shorts come up - and only those five. The other Mike shorts and all the Joel shorts that were MST3K kickstarter rewards are still missing the host tags and filtering on shorts hosted by Joel returns nothing.

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