Shout Factory Store Black Friday

Dropped a silly amount for Christmas gifts for myself with four new DVD collections to add to my relatively small shelf o’MSTie dvds.

Check out the deals- and free shipping over $50. I hit that threshold EASY!


Here’s a link straight to the MST3K section:

I’m tempted to replace my lost 25th 25th Anniversary Edition set.


That is one of the collections I just bought!

Along with Vol X.2


Awesome! I don’t know if I have any MST3K gaps to plug, but there’s some gems in their catalogue besides. Probably finally crack down and get The Abominable Snowman, plus some of that groovy exploitation cinema.


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Oh, excellent! This is very, very good to know. I may have to pick up a DVD box set or two.

Thanks so much for the heads-up!


Yes, thank you! Picked up The Good Place for my husband, Sapphire & Steel for myself, and SCTV Vol. 1 for the both of us. Woot!

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Zoinks… I didn’t even know those Christmas ornaments existed!

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