Shout! Factory Volume XXXI (Turkey Day Collection) Slipcase

When Volume XXXI (Turkey Day Collection) was released, Shout! Factory offered a cardboard slipcase as an ‘extra’ if you requested one. Since the set was released in a tin box, it was a nice option to have but unfortunately I neglected to get one and it is no longer available (I checked).

Here was the link you could request one through:

Just reaching out to my fellow MSTies to see if anyone has an extra they wouldn’t mind parting with?

Here’s a full picture of what it looked like:

Thanks for looking.


Didn’t even know that was an option! I’ve got the tinned meat variety of Turkey Day myself, plus the Gamera and 25th Anniversary tins.

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With printing quality so good nowadays, I feel like you could jerry-rig a credible version. Though it might take a few tries. :thinking:


I didn’t know it was an option either! Funny though, I just happen to be watching Jungle Goddess tonight. And yes, I started it before I saw this thread.


I’m sure that’s possible but knowing me…I would kill every tree in the forrest trying to get it “right”.

Besides, I would rather find the real thing.

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