Show me what you got nobody else has!

Inspired by the ‘Things you’ve done that no one else you know has done’ topic, and in opposition to the ‘Show off your collections’ thread, because some things aren’t common enough to collect. What strange thing do you have?

I suspect that MSTies surround themselves with weird stuff, so show it off here, and let us know what it is. Something that 99.99% of the population don’t got, but you do.

To start -

I have the only 2 etheric beam locators I’ve ever seen, outside of work, one on my TARDIS, one in my other TARDIS.

What is an ‘etheric beam locator’? I’ll let the Doctor explain-

In reality it was a found prop. What it is, is a Varian VA-220 or VA-221 reflex klystron, as shown page 6 of the catalog-

What they do is make microwaves, which you can transmit signals with, just like any other radio.

The one on my TARDIS bookcase was from my first professional repair. As a young Air Force microwave mechanic, at my first assignment after tech school, I got my first call. The microwave was down, and I had to go fix it. The fan had died, and the klystron cooked itself (they need forced air cooling).

Shut everything down, pull the fan, replace the klystron, install new fan, power up, tune up, verify all was working. All by my self for the first time. Yeah, I has seen it done, and someone was looking over my shoulder. But it was my first. Normally the old klystron would be thrown in the trash, but I was keeping it.

Challenge Coin for scale

The 2nd is in my TARDIS, which is currently disguised as a truck.

Those radios were old (note the catalog above is from 1961), and the day came that we replaced them. The radios were deinstalled, put on pallets, tagged and sent to Supply to wind up as government surplus. But what about all the repair items, tubes and such. We asked how to tag them, and Supply said ‘they are expendable items, just put them in the trash’. A klystron was just a tube to those guys.

Well, no. We split them up (pity some people were off that day and didn’t get a chance). I kept the new one on a shelf, along side the other one, before and after.

Then I found/made a good place to mount it in the truck. The truck is blue, and sometime the amount of time I drive isn’t accurately reflected on the clocks. Time travel, or time zones. Who can say?


Do you remember the A&E Nero Wolfe series starring Tim Hutton and Maury Chaykin?

Remember the painting in the office that doubled as a peephole to spy into the room?

I have the glass plate that they would flim through to show the perspective of someone watching and listening from the little hidden room. It’s painted with a rough image of the waterfall painting that hung in the office.


I have a surgical scar on the side of my left foot that’s shaped like Millard Fillmore in profile, if you use a magnifying glass, but darned if I’m posting that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to abandon most my belongings a couple of years ago when I went into temporary housing due to my apartment (where I had lived for 17.5 years) going condo (still unsold more than 2 years later, oy) so I have to say: not much. I do have the scarf used in the Pumaman episode and a lot of craft supplies, though.

Some autographed books, including Jimmy Carter and Ray Bradbury, there’s that.


I have the newest hardcover edition of Good Omens, personalized and signed by both Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Since my name isn’t common and Pratchett is gone, I’m guessing it is and ever will be the only one of its kind.


Now that’s awesome!

We’ve got all kinds of cool stuff, but I’m not sure if any of it’s unique. My wife has an old handmade doll house and furniture, which I’ve uploaded a picture of somewhere around here. I suppose some of the artwork we’ve got is technically unique, but part of a larger, nearly identical series.


I have this…only 47,000 in the world. About 20,000 were sold in the US. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


(edit: made it smaller) =)


We may have thrown one of those away at work 2 years ago when they cleared out 1960s equipment from one of the physics labs. There was some Varian microwave stuff in the pile. Crazy how odd spare parts like that end up as props in science fiction shows.


I have a hard cover copy of one of my favorite Alan Dean Foster books.

Sentenced To Prism” was paperback only around the world except for a small run of hard covers printed by Severn in London. The copy I have is from the author’s library and signed, it’s his complimentary copy from the publisher. ADF was clearing out his library 15 or 20 years ago and posted that he had some books he was selling for basically not much more than the shipping cost, I got Prism and one other paper back that I hadn’t been able to get a copy of at the time.


Pity it got away. Some of the Who fans will pay to have one.

If I’m ever pulled over by the police, and they ask about it, I’ll have to ask how many answers do they want.

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Here’s a few pictures of what I have that no one else has.

During WWII, my grandfather was an aircraft inspector for De Havilland, meaning that when test pilots were flying planes, he went up with them to make sure all the bolts were staying in place. A far braver man than I. I was left the notebooks he wrote and drew in while being trained. He was an amazing artist and I don’t have very many examples of his artwork. Here’s a few pages. (Tried to make them small to help the site.)


Back in 197(something), I was taking mechanical drawing classes in HS, and had assignments to draw threads, along with various labels. I’ve specified threaded fasteners, and used them more times than I can count. I’ve even used taps and dies to make my own threads when needed. I’ve never heard of ‘effective diameter’.

But that don’t mean it isn’t real.

“ The pitch diameter (also known as the effective diameter) is used to determine whether two threaded parts could be successfully mated together. Properly mated parts will demonstrate equal distance between thread flanks when in contact. Pitch diameter refers to the width of the cylinder as it intersects the midpoint of the major and minor diameters, known as the pitch line.”

I saw something pretty and I learned something.

It’s a good day.


It’s hard to find a decent Shore Scleroscope these days!


Something that I have that no one else does is a Police Box Darkroom. It was the first thing I ever built out of wood.


I don’t know if anyone else has one of these or not, but I have no idea what to do with this freakin’ thing…

Is it full-sized? No, it’s a little bigger than a normal head. And it weighs a ton. I don’t even know how I’d safely ship it if someone wanted it…


Some other things I have that others don’t.

A letter from Fritz Lang to my dad saying sorry, can’t help you.

And a thank you note from Robert Bloch. My father helpfully penciled in a note at the top to tell me who he was.

You may know this young chap who later went on to greater things.

And also this dear chap-

Those was from a bound book of signed programs from a festival of plays written by this gentleman when he was still alive and also able to sign them.


A few years ago, I solved a puzzle by Thornwillow Press and won the one-of-a-kind prize copy of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile.


I hope political memorabilia isn’t considered too “political” for the forum.

I have a like new, never used bumper sticker from 1982 –

(not my pic, but the same sticker I have)


I had no idea he ever tried his hand at politics, although I’m not shocked.


He was all right but I ended up choosing Cthulhu again that year.