Show me what you got nobody else has!

What’s this? Oh, just me as a teenager hanging out with my close personal friend, film director John Landis.

(He is not my close personal friend.)


I hope that nasty growth on your face healed eventually.


No, but it’s only visible via the internet.


And while I’m scanning in family photos and the like, here’s something else (probably) no one else has.

One of these people, not sure which, is my great grandfather. The guy in the back, third on the right is Maxim Gorky.

My father oh-so-helpfully wrote down which one was Gorky and not which one was my great-grandfather.


Way back in 1960 he had run for the House from a district in NY and lost. In 1982 he was trying for the Dem. nomination for Senator. He was a distant second in the primary to Jerry Brown. I picked up the bumper sticker when he made a campaign appearance here in San Jose. It was in a conference room at some airport hotel. The event was rather lightly attended; my perhaps questionable memory would guess there were fewer than 50 people there. And I didn’t count because I’d only been in CA for about a year and a half at that point and hadn’t even registered to vote here yet.

I saw Gore Vidal at a book signing he was doing in SF some 20-odd years later and mentioned to him that I still had a bumper sticker from his Senate campaign. He said he still saw them on cars around L.A. every now and then.


Ooooh I LOVE THIS!!! So neat.

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Uma Thurman would be proud!

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I’ve shown this before but it still applies. Made and Signed by Little Debbie herself.