Show off your collections!

I found The Amazing Colossal Man on VHS for $5 at a thrift store this past Sunday, and seeing my collection finally completed*** made me want to show off, and see everyone else’s (doubtless way cooler) stuff too! I want to see pics of whatever MST stuff is currently adorning your homes, from DVDs, to bots, to needlepoint portraits of Richard Basehart. To start us off, behold…my stuff!

***I’m not going for duplicates, just one Rhino or Shout copy of each episode does me fine

My girlfriend found a stash of Rhino VHS tapes in a booth at the Midtown Mercantile Merchants in Tucson and excitedly waved me over. I chuckled, mostly uninterested, and then almost tackled the shelf when I saw The Amazing Colossal Man sitting there. I only released it from my meaty grip just long enough to hand over $5 and change to the cashier.

I broke down and finally spent the money to obtain Vol 10, but I don’t prize it nearly as highly as my 10.2, which (along with a mini poster) my good buddy got signed for me by Bridget, Mary Jo, Bill, and Kevin at Comic Con in 2008.

My collection of MST related books. Sadly, I missed out on Frank and Trace performing here at The Loft some years ago, but my girlfriend got me a couple of Frank’s books and a signature on one to boot!

Being an insufferable nerd, I sat down one day and designed a couple custom sets for KTMA, and the episodes Shout will probably never get. I will be first in line to buy any of these should they be legitimately released of course, but these scratch the itch in the mean time.

As with everything else, I did not get to meet Jonah. This was just a very affordable purchase from an online shop. It’ll go nicely with the signed collection I’ll be receiving from the Kickstarter rewards though!

I have a lot of other bits and bobs here and there, but these seemed the neatest ones. Please, share your collections! I wanna see!


Yeah much as I love the convenience of a digital library, there’s nothing quite like an awesome physical library for showing to others to admire. Well done you, an impressive collection and so well curated! Can’t wait to see what others post in this thread.


Thanks! Love your handle, btw. I used to work with a guy named Finkle, and I’d always ask him “do you need to tinkle, Finkle?” and “How 'bout some Pringles, Finkle?”. He didn’t get it.


Finkle never dabbled in doppels?


Sadly no. But it did nothing to diminish my fever for the flavor of Finkle.


What do you think, sirs?


I don’t have all the episodes on Shout and Rhino, many of them are off-air or unofficial copies.
I do have two posters signed by the current cast including one from one of the pre-tour screenings.
Also have the MST Turkey


I think The Amazing Collosal Man might have been the first episode I ever saw. It was so long ago, I can’t be 100% sure, but it holds a special place in my heart anyway.


Excellent work! I must admit, I love having the Rhino sets, but the slim, compact lines of the Shout reissues almost had me trading up. Oi, my aching bookshelf.


MST3K related, just got this Japanese import soundtrack CD today.

Saru no Gundan (Army of the Apes), better known to MSTies in its complied movie form as Time of the Apes.


That is a seriously glorious CD cover. I’d like to hear that music, but I also can’t help but think that you could pop literally any CD into that case and the cover would work for the album.


Forgive the cobwebs and dusty bobbleheads. I have all the Rhino singles and volumes, all the Shout volumes, The Movie and the Manos reissue (Not pictured: the last three Shout volumes, the ACEG, Funko Pops, Dark Horse comics and my Amazing Colossal Man VHS). I started collecting the DVDs when Rhino still had the rights, so many early volumes are beat up used copies. Years later I bought Volume 10.0 and the VHS off eBay. I found Volume 9 a few years ago at a local FYE for about $40, I held it in my hand and stared at it for almost five minutes because I was amazed that I actually found this in the wild. (Thank goodness none of the employees were MSTies!) I attempted to peel off the orange used sticker but it had strong glue, but now I’ve determined it’s a badge of honor for not having to pay hundreds for it.


We have Towel Sign!


Well, here are the obligatory DVDs, with the complete collection even including v10.1 and all the original Rhino sets.

I sadly lost the Crow statue when he fell off a shelf and got smashed to bits, but I’ve got a nice collection of MST3K alumns to round out the family portrait.

Here’s my original Mitchell poster. I bought this gem a few apartments back, since my bedroom at the time came with this weirdly attached 1/4 bath that I’m assuming was a former water heater closet that somebody had shoved a toilet into (The toilet literally occupied 100% of the floor space, so there was no way to close the door if you wanted to actually use it.) At any rate, Mitchell lived above the toilet, so if you wanted to take a whiz, you had to try to do it while standing practically nose to nose with that face.

An original Rocky Jones Space Ranger badge from the 1950’s. It’s quite hefty and made out of actual metal with a very long and sharp pin clasp on the back, so you could totally use it to shank Winky if you needed to.

The soundtrack to OK Connery , A.K.A. Operation Double 007 . It’s by Ennio Morricone who scored a ton of spaghetti westerns, spy, and film noir flicks, including Diabolik , and actually pretty enjoyable on it’s own, just in the context of being goofy James Bond-esque generic spy music.

Jan in the Pan (minus the pan) who becomes part of the annual Halloween display.

And Tom Servo v2.0 (currently in pieces) to replace the version I put together back in 1996 to attend the MST3K movie premiere in San Francisco. Unfortunately, with the heat and wildfire smoke, I’m going to hold off working on him for a few more months until I can properly set back up my painting station out in the garage. I do have one of the original sweet factory heads which are now rather difficult to source.


I forgot a small aside about Volume 10… I was visiting a local Best Buy years ago when I noticed that they had the original 10.0 with cough-ahem Vs. haaaaaack on it, but I was there for something else and told myself that I can always buy it later. Oops. Thankfully by the time I bought my eBay copy the ridiculous prices had gone way down.


I have a Superman IV repro one sheet I used to hang in the bathroom, similar to your Mitchell poster!

Not much of one, and obviously really light on discs (given easy access of so much via streams etc) Got to do something about that though. :slight_smile: But sry, too much is just stupid-priced to get ahold of. Servo is in the garage waiting probably a new house/move to be able to get build space (the three br just doesn’t cut it! :wink: ).


I have a question for folks with physical media collections. How do you organize your single DVDs?

I have a mix of single DVDs (both Rhino and Shout) and Volume sets. Right now I have the singles before the Volumes, in episode order. Ie., The Mad Monster is first, followed by The Crawling Hand, etc. The last single before the Volumes is The Movie.

Jist curious how everyone else handles this.

FWIW I keep my VHS tapes separate from my DVD so “mixed media” is not an issue!

I was in college when the original run ended and only recently had enough spare quarters to start adding to my collection. I have the best uncle ever, who sent me every episode on DVD (but also sent me the Star Wars Christmas special, so it evens out). Not shown: MST3K episode guide and the two CDs (all of which I could have had signed by Mike. Argh!)

Anybody remember Timmy BigHands? I won some sort of contest and kept the check. Sorry Kevin, but I’m not cashing it.

Editing to add the evidence of my high school obsession with the show. I covered my planner with tiny prints of riffed movie posters that I could find.


I mainly collect original posters of my favorite mst3k movies and some can be pretty obscure.

Here’s the absolute centerpiece of my collection and an item that I never dared to dream even existed.

Alemena Films, a small Spanish film company made a low budget, straightforward alien-hack-and-slash film in 1983 but changed the plot at the last second because ET made 875 gajillion dollars, and added a kid/alien subplot. They called it Los Neuvos Extra Terrestres, or the New ET. Spielberg’s lawyers knocked gently on their foreheads, and the name was then changed to Extra Terrestrial Visitors. The lawyers knocked a little harder since ETV wasn’t much better and the movie was finally released in the US to eternal comic fame, as Pod People. I don’t know how many were made or if another one is floating around, but I present the original spanish 1-sheet of Pod People.

Here’s a few other fun ones including a few Pumaman original lobby cards from Mexico!