Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Fair enough, at least in my post. N/A means non-alcohol beer (or, like 0.05% or whatever). In my case, I’d had enough Rainier 5% beer but still wanted to hang out and chat, so I switched to something non-alcoholic. Red Bull is some kind of gross energy drink with caffeine, taurine, and lots of sugar.

The rest, as said by others above…they should explain themselves! I can only guess.

It is the Lounge, after all.

Yellow M&M, or a dog-urine infused mint?

You can have both! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh, and to “spank” somebody at a game means to win. Not necessarily by a big margin, but playing pool against roughly equal players, it can be a decisive win.


I meant your very first post in the thread. The music stuff goes over my head.

It’s more that I am not musically literate.


Oh. Naw, that’s just arranging furniture, basically.

IMHO, 99% of professional playing is about using the right stands (for keyboard, in my case), and the right “shape” or ergonomics of the amplification, plus pedals and cables (and backups) and having the ability to set it up and tear it down fast.

Like the old saying goes, “you get paid to move sh**, and the playing is for free.”

It’s a “win” if it sounds good (enough) and doesn’t fall down in shambles or short out when you’re sweating all over the gear. I’m happy with my ugly live rig, since I can trust it. But I need more bills than I and my peers get to bother shlepping out just “for exposure.”


FINALLY got some new artwork posted to my various accounts. (You can click on my profile for the ipernity link and have a look, if you want.) I hit the wall at the end of July and just couldn’t complete a damn thing. Also my computer’s junk and randomly ate some almost-finished work in August and September just to screw with me.

So… yay. :horse_racing:t3:

[ETA - Some false modesty at work here. I don’t think my pictures are “stupid,” but I do wish the assembling process was less like pulling teeth. :smiley: ]


I am making (by infusion), glowing and color-changing gin.

I posted this picture to a friend’s Discord and the immediate reply was “Health and mana potions!” and I am chagrined not to have thought of that myself. XD


Hey! There’s no need for that kind of language! :shushing_face:


By the way, the proper way to fold a fitted sheet in my house is to stuff it into a pillowcase.


Yes, this x 1000!

Fold the fitted sheet into the sort-of-flat mess we all love to hate, then stick that in a pillowcase and properly fold it up.

If that set has more than one pillowcase, put that folded bundle and all the other folded sheets and pillowcases into one pillowcase at the end. Makes linen closets so much more manageable.


“Rhombus” is a great word.

I also like “fantods” and wish we could make that one hip again.


I was calm, friendly, and tipped well (well, 32%…so, I didn’t roll out the red carpet, but still I didn’t stiff her with my tip or anything) to…


this woman who still has my damned hat after a night in her apartment back in…late April?

Apparently she’s filling in some daytime shifts, possibly permanently, which is where I go after work three or four out of five days a week to shoot pool, drink beer, and chat with various acquaintances I’ve met over the years.

Whatevs. She’ll just have to deal with it, because I’m not changing my routine of coming on four years!

AND I only played the Dr. John tune “Chippy Chippy” once on the jukebox, and switched to AC/DC and regular stuff after that Morissey crap whatever channel she had from her phone started to immediately make me ill.

And I only gave her the dog-training “click” once for fetching my beer, but I gave several other people positive-reinforcement clicks soon after, so as to normalize it.


Today, I laid back in a chair and let a dentist take away my wisdom teeth.

That’s pretty much all I accomplished.


I’m seeing some work from about 20-Mar of this year…which I think is thought-provoking, I suppose is about the term I’d use, in addition to being good to look at (the geometric pattern-work is what I’m referring to).

I’ll have to look around for your most recent.

I don’t know if you show around town (my only connection to the local visual art scene is an old high school buddy, Eric Wert), but I can see your work having been displayed correctly in a few venues to good acclaim.

I like it.

/* Oh, here’s a link to my other boy, in LA for quite a while, but good friend of the family and a local boy. Redirecting... I’ll ask him for some direct links if you’re interested in his past very provocative and disciplined work: he seems to explore some similar themes as you in your pastiches or collages based on images recent cultural memory. Zack Kircher is his name, but he doesn’t show or have much to do with my town these days, although still active in mind, body, and spirit. */


I have to admit one of my most ongoing accomplishments is that I’ve yet to let a dentist do that to me, and it’s been decades since they started trying.


Amateurs. They got a fifth one out of me, but it took a lot of drilling, and a whole lot of love.

Still got four!

Winning! Well…it was expensive, and it hurt a lot afterwards, what with cutting into the gum to get the impacted fifth wisdom tooth. And I didn’t ask to keep the tooth, neither: trust me, it was gnarly looking, as I suppose all teeth are extracted in one piece.

Accomplishments anew? Wangled a booster Pfizer shot this Thursday, with 2.5 days to recover before work on Sunday if I get a bit feverish and have a lackawanna afterwards, and get to see my lovely dental hygienist the week after. Pretty sure she wears the wedding ring as a decoy. I do the same thing: in my case, wear a plain band on left ring finger to deter unwanted advances (that’s a joke: I do not do any such thing, but I have considered both that and carrying dummy photos of a fake family in my wallet when I was job hunting to make me appear more “relatable.”).

Crest Gum Detoxify! Rock on modern dentistry!

Pontiac! We build excitement!


Yeah my previous dentist, every time I’d see him, would ask me if I want to keep my wisdom teeth. Um… yes?

I have a new dentist now and she doesn’t try to convince me to have my teeth pulled for no reason.


Well, in fairness to my dentist(s) over the years, there was a good reason to pull one of them (and if you’re doing one, well…)

My lower right wisdom teeth never had room to emerge, or perhaps was just oriented wrong. Over time it has decade and broken till it’s just a jagged fang that pokes through my cheek. :man_shrugging: :vampire:


You know, I’m no oral surgeon, but that kind of sounds like a problem! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I can do it! I’ll pay you to let me do it!


I’m not actually Jack Nicholson in Little Shop of Horrors, despite the resemblance.

Also, it’s kind of my “thing” now? People say, “Here comes that guy with the fang sticking out of his face!” Honestly, I’d be unrecognizable without it.


I don’t think you understood my meaning, son.

What we got is…failure…to communicate.

I’m getting that tooth, boy. A man who wants a tooth can be a rough old boy!


Thanks, Bud! :sunglasses:

(ipernity’s dating system is weird. Long story short: if you click on an individual image, you’ll see its true upload date. The dates displayed on the main page correspond with the date you snapped your photo. Or, in my case, the date you scanned one component of the finished work.)


One of mine nearly abscessed. Not fun. Also, if you’re already prone to nasty sinus issues, they can exacerbate that, or so I was told. It took a long time, because spotty employment & terrible U.S. system. But eventually I was rid of them all. (Whew!)

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