Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Dishwashers have a filter?? I never knew this. Now I’m afraid to even think what ours looks like (Assuming I even know where to look for it).


Two, actually! At least in my dishwasher. Both were gross.

Reminds me of when I learned that washing machines (the clothing kind) have a clean out where missing socks and hair rubber bands go to die.


Right?! I just learned this about a year ago. Makes sense now, but I was shocked. I have yet to brave cleaning one like @EBK, though I’m told they’re meant to be cleaned pretty frequently.


Well, well.

I dug out this very physically filthy old HP Stream notebook expecting to find one of my old custom Win10 builds on it.

What do I find?

I finally had some good sense a few years ago to put a Fedora desktop distro on it.

Yeah, baby! I remember CentOS/RHEL!

Of course, the computer itself is mostly junk, with soldered-mobo nvme drive of like 20GB or something, but at least I can use it!

/* ETA new gripe! This HP Stream’s housing is fllthy. It’s like if Divine had an outhouse and lived in it. And, of course, I’d cracked the housing years back trying to tack on some extra memory or storage to no avail, and it never went back on the right way.

Has HP ever made a good notebook computer? I really doubt it. They make some good printers, though! Inkjets excepted, of course.

But despite the world’s worst trackpad, keyboard, housing, and soldered-on mobo storage and memory, at least I had the good foresight to put put Fedora on the perma-fixed 20GB SSD. No, it cannot be expanded. I tried. I do remember getting Win10 down to about 6 or 7 GB by hand, but that was just as an experiment in fun).


Yes, down there in the bottom with the drain. You’d best take a look at some point.


Not that I know of. :laughing: For my money it’s Dell all the way, but only the business-class stuff – they’re built to be taken apart and serviced. In particular, the 2010’s models. I’m writing this on a 2010-ish Latitude, which has been running 24/7 for about 11 years.

I’ve replaced the battery a few times, the keyboard I think, and upgraded RAM and storage. It’s got a physical wi-fi switch and no integrated camera. Worth it’s weight in gold. If a laptop weighs less than about 8 pounds, I don’t think I could trust it.

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Started packing yesterday to get on an overseas plane on Wednesday. Probably the earliest I’ve ever started packing, but it’s a long trip and my traveling partner has severe food allergies, so it takes time and planning.

Every table surface in the house looks like this right now…


Back in the '80s.


Of course. The golden age of portable computing.

A Commodore 64 dialing into a VAX mainframe, with a cassette drive is one is fancy.


WTH kind of fool is whistling out of one of these windows near my place? I can’t have that!


Fixed breakfast myself instead of having it delivered.

:waffle: :bacon:

(Cue Weird Al singing, :notes: “I don’t even like liiiiverrrr…” :notes: )

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Found the elusive Staedtler Mars Technico 780 in black, instead of the usual blue color…

Hmmm…looking around, it seems I have misplaced a Koh-i-noor 2mm lead holder that also had a black barrel…that sucks…

But there is balance in the universe finally! I’ll have to put some 8B in it…because, you know, how much more black could it be? Like, none more!


I have one filter in two parts. I take it apart and clean it thoroughly once a month. I also detach both sprayers and rinse them out well. All of this is advice from the machine’s care guide. I lived without a dishwasher from 2000 to 2017 So now I guard the thing as jealously as I would my first-born. If I had one.


When I moved into this house 6 years ago I cleaned all the filters in the dishwasher, having been cut by broken glass in a drain once many years ago I’m quite careful and good thing I was because there were to pieces of broken glass in the drain.

I never put anything that won’t dissolve in the machine, anything solid gets wiped off first, so every time since when I check the screens they have been clean.

A couple years ago the machine started making grindy noises so I took the main pump apart and greased it and cleaned out crud from inside the impeller, pump has been working fine since but it’s a cheap Hotpoint washer and the plastic is starting to fall apart, the rack is rusting out in a few spots, I’ve had to fix the door switch twice, so I will need to replace it probably in the next year or 2.

When I look for mid range units they all seem to be backordered, only stuff in stock are the cheap ones almost exactly the same as my 15 year old one, or the crazy expensive ones that are just a waste of money.


International suitcase is packed. Almost 15 pounds to spare! Which is good because I’ve committed to bringing back stuff for a lot of people. :laughing:

Though…crap, what am I forgetting??


Thought Voyager would be an easy model to build, but it’s going to take weeks of masking and painting to get all those raised bits colored in…

Then there are an insane number of tiny decals.

Started about a week and a half ago and have gotten this far:


So, for that voyager model I’m building I need to mask around areas that have round ends. Searched for different size paper punches but none were close to the small sizes I needed.

Realized the sizes of the 2 diameters I need were exactly 5/32 and 7/32, and I have those drill bits. Soooo, perfect excuse to fire up the mini lathe and cut some steel:


Masking these raised phaser emitters that are all over the hull and need to be painted dark grey is going to go much faster now.


I’m replacing some old-style 3 pin lighting connectors on the grid with standard Hubbell receptacles. Upgrading the lighting to LED fixtures at the Community Television studio where I do volunteer stuff. I got the first one done tonight. Awkward working at that height.


Got pants on today. Yup, all the way this time. The planet is welcome. Sing the praises.


Got me beat.



Well, I had some on for much of today! Buttoned and everything!

Nice shoes, too, BTW. (Not kidding; look comfortable, unlike my accursed pairs of steel-toeds).

Fine, you win everything, Blue Boy! :laughing: