Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Well, I took a very soft lead and made a couple of lines where the corners should go.

Probably will put a ruler up to the markings and note those, since my wood polishing will be extremely thorough, yet gentle and satisfying! Basically just pointed at the “sharp end” of the inside of the f-holes, so not too hard to eyeball if I forget.

The new strings (Thomastik-Infeld George Benson .014 set, flatwounds) will be at a significantly higher tension than the old ones, though, so who knows what will happen to the action and the intonation as it was set at the factory.

A wood bridge to replace the tune-o-matic thingy could be good, but considering I can barely play, that’s fine. Although I cannot remember which direction the metal part goes on any more, and those thumb dials for adjusting action height are very easy to move without any tension on the bridge.

The good news is the nut seems to tolerate the 0.014 top string fine. Only the top three strings are significantly thicker than the factory set of strings.

Here is a photo of what somebody else did with the same model guitar (just as far as buffing out the wood finish). He can actually play, though, and knows what he’s doing as far as replacing pickups and changing out the cheap stock hardware. I’m just focused on the wood:


Here is today’s stupid-yet-functional experiment in lo-fi “audio”:

took an old AB box I had lying around, and just put two inputs to one output, switchable via the pedal. Output is a Joyo American Sound amp simulator pedal to a KRK Classic 5.

1974’s Murder On the Orient Express summed to mono sounds fine.

The overall setup is ridiculous and hacky, but it’s fine for now.


@jimmy_two_times, I was about to tell you that your projects don’t seem mundane or stupid enough for this thread (I could geek out all day about guitars and DIY audio, especially pedals, by the way), but I see that this is actually a thread that you started, so I will gladly defer to your judgment as to what belongs here. :sunglasses:

I, on the other hand, proudly changed four light bulbs yesterday, even upgrading from halogen to LED. Dimmable LED bulbs have gotten a lot less flickery, to the point where they are actually usable.


So now we know how many lawyers it takes to change a lightbulb! :rofl:


Dulce et decorum est!

That is good. I, on the other hand, was very pleased to have acquired some cheap incandescent light bulbs a month or so ago.

I take no pride in the matter, but I feel it was an accomplishment!

More on audio!

A special built Monoprice ⅛" to ¼" TRS cable, no surprise, introduces a bit less noise than going through a few TS unbalanced guitar pedals to a preamp to a single monitor.

And accomplishment? Bows head profoundly: Mary Jo and Bridget, Married Too Young, just bought from RT using coupon and gift card!


Saw this little electronics kit and thought it would be fun, and the first test of my new soldering station.

Came with no instructions and missing a bit of wire, but the board was labeled so it was still easy to put together.

Mini tesla coil:


Meh. Good enough!

For now.


I already have my housemate and I 85% packed for our trip tomorrow. After I do laundry, we’ll be 95% packed.

It’s a long trip in several different locations with several different activities, so I have checklists for DAYS.

No to panic packing!!


Well, she looks a bit nicer. Proper strings on her, to boot. I think more buffing and a more industrial/auto buffing compound would do (that’s what that other cat did in the example picture I posted above as for what I was going for), but this’ll do for now. It’s a thin finish from factory, and I can expose more wood grain and put some gloss by putting more feeling into my elbow.

Don’t even think I got much of the “Ernie Ball Instrument Polish” on the strings…at least not that I didn’t wipe off immediately with a fresh microfiber towel. Gave the fretboard a quick dry wipe, but it’s a walnut fretboard and I’m not going to bother with lemon oil…especially since I’ve hardly played her much at all.

The string tension is awfully tight, though…I should give the trussroad about a quarter turn loose.


Didn’t waste no time spending this year’s stipend of safety-toe shoes. First damned thing on 1-Jan! Arrived today.

Alloy toe, and sort of uncomfortable “sneakers,” but they fit and are pretty lightweight. Have only ever used steel toe shoes/boots. These are considerably lighter.

I’ll order another pair of waterproof safety-toes soon, on the company dime, but these are an OK alternative for those “light days,” and am glad I ordered before all the men’s size 13 in E/wide got sold out.

Snooze-em and lose-em! For once Zappo’s-At-Work did a yeoman’s job of delivering in astonishingly short time.

Oh, and the folks at work are apparently enthralled by “my” stupid innuendo about spending my time polishing my wood at home. That amuses me, but even I am bored by that now.


All right! Auxiliary music station #2 sort of implemented! Code name: Bad Guitar!

The music stand really ties the room together, although my foot-rest/second desk-for-movie-stuff-watching is getting a bit cramped.

But my little home office is where the space heater lives, so I rarely spend time in the front room.

Operation Bad Guitar will be complete once this armless office chair arrives sometime whenever it does.

Oh, and those aren’t empty whiskey and whisky bottles…not all of them, anyway! Just props…yeah, props…for a short film I was…oh, hell, never mind.

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I inherited my grandfather’s film camera some years ago, which included a lens so long and heavy that when I finally acquired a decent digital camera (merry Xmas to me!) I was worried it would damage the lens mount if I connected the camera to my tripod. I tried it once, cautiously, to take a picture of the moon, and it bounced around enough that it was very difficult to work with.

So, yesterday I modeled a ring-clamp with integrated quick-shoe, and today I spent all morning watching it print. It fit the lens and the tripod perfectly on the first try without any sanding, trimming, or revision. With the camera attached, the balance-point seems the be right over the shoe, and the whole thing feels much safer and steadier.


Most important question: how do your neighbors feel about your new rig?

J/K: that’s some well advanced projectmanship you’ve done did! Propers!


Went out to sticksville to get my ignition interlock device calibrated at a place called Fuel Monkey, which is a fantastic auto shop specializing in really deep stuff on vehicles old and new…was fine…got terribly lost coming home, because the compass attached to my watchstrap doesn’t function that well with all the car’s electronics and I couldn’t be bothered to find out if the car had a compass somewhere in the menus.

But, I figured it out eventually. Let’s see…I’m going east…Never Eat Shredded Wheat…I need to make a right turn somewhere…hmmm…

That was kind of fun, but the drivers were incompetent, inexpert, oblivious, childish rubes.

I hope a tree falls on them!


Nice hunk o’ glass you got there.


It passes the Matlock Test, which measures whether an object could be used to kill a 65-year-old male millionaire with a single dramatic blow from behind.


You said, non MST3K, not non Rifftrax so I made my first purchase with the Friends subscription discount!



I’ve finally figured out the optimal placement of speakers for dynamic stereo sound! :laughing:

Aw, shuddup! It’s fine! The boutique AC cables give it that last bit of extra space and enhance the stereo imaging.


The wife bought this puzzle on clearance at Walgreens the other day. So I put it together.


Ah, we, too did a jigsaw puzzle over the holidays. It’s one I picked up from a crowdfunding site where the gimmick is you get the BEFORE picture, and you have to assemble the AFTER.

So technically, this is the after and a spoiler, so I’m blurring it.


Yeah, it’s not actually that bad until my monitor stands arrive by the Boys in Blue.

Holy crap, those little KRK Classic 5s are loud as … fuggedaboutit!

Gain staging! Know it, love it!

The more you know!