Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

My “collection” of novelty T-shirts is now complete. I have no need for any more shirts with logos or designs.

(Below not a selfie, just some image I grabbed off Bing image search!)

jimmy_two_times IS Booger!

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I recently started kimihimo (Japanese braiding) and I didn’t want to spend $100+ on a marudai, so I made one out of cardboard and popsicle sticks.


My most famous post like on Threads so far in regards to Spleen. Thanks, Mr Furious.

Ben Stiller Agree GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Three recent articles published

And two that got 300+ views


I’m trying to get a Sabine Wren (from season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, specifically) cosplay done by the time Ahsoka comes out and I think I finished getting all the armor pieces made out of cardboard and traced onto foam for the final version today. I missed a few pieces my first time tracing and had to add more, but I think I have them all now. Now I need to cut them all out, shape them, paint them, and figure out how to attach them to the rest of the costume.


Found @optiMSTie on Bluesky through one of their replies in a thread


Well, I figured out a new route to take way out in the sticks to get to my mechanic’s shop (not really “my” mechanic — “my” mechanic, who works on all a local taxi company’s cabs, but also on anybody’s stuff…is a rad dude who can do just about anything, and do it right — but the gals in the office calibrate this blow-n-go monthly). Much more mellow route to take.

Also, don’t know how I feel about this, but I was “invited” to “participate” in Amazon’s “Vine” program, I guess because my reviews are awesome, or something. Don’t actually write many reviews, but when I do, they’re pretty good, I guess! So, maybe one of these days they’ll find some stuff to send me for free to review. I don’t know how they’ll match me up with products: I buy hardware-store type tools sometimes, but am not any kind of elite handyman. Lots of music stuff, books, clothes, pens/pencils, storage cases. Who knows what their algorithm selects.


Meant to post this a while back, needed cushions for the chair I use at my electronic chess desk. Found these that seemed like a good fit but they only came in packs of 4 so I got creative:


I got a free Burger King Whopper (with purchase of any size french fries and any sized drink) for filling out an online survey indicated on the back of one of their receipts!

I win! Yes!

I’m saving it for a “special” occasion when I’m out near a Burger King. They’d best be a “participating location” or I’ma put my foot…near the gas pedal and drive away, so there!


I got a $15 Amazon gift ecard and all I had to do was give a 5 star review to a water flosser I purchased there and send email to company.

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I skipped work today, not realizing that the only two competent people on the team would be there, and none of my enemies.

Yes, Jen was totally pissed off at me.

But, I gave notice to the Area Manager in advance, expecting I’d have to listen to and witness the superb dereliction of duty I did yesterday. Just couldn’t do it, expecting the normal idiocy performed by incompetents.

And now I regret it, so there’s probably a proverb about that or something. But I have time to pop in a fresh CR2032 in the Ensoniq SQ-80, and list her on Reverb. As well as try out my new “free” showerhead sent with the implicit expectation of a detailed review. And get good and drunk for my weekly group Zoom meeting for alkies.

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Ooohhhh…with a 3.5" floppy drive for all your sound needs.


Indeed! But don’t forget the polyphonic aftertouch (actually pretty cool)…and that it doesn’t use a CR2032, but this crazy Br 2/3 3V battery that cost about ten bucks and apparently requires removing a bunch of aluminum plates inside. I’m really looking forward to that once the battery arrives sometime next week.

I really hope I don’t have to solder in the replacement battery…I don’t like soldering!

Hey, John Carpenter used the SQ-80! It’s a classic!


Sort of an accomplishment. Made it through an extra short stint at work with The Load and The Choad, who are challenging people to endure.

But, I think I remembered how to do the old-school “contractor’s wrap” for longer cables.

Yes, I prefer to use over-under for audio cables, but despite best efforts, they never stay “over-under,” and always get Mr. Bungled.

I still don’t think there’s much wrong with the “Roadie’s Wrap”: never had a cable fail because of that (just double cord on itself, then wrap it in an overhand “knot”).

But this’ll work better for extra long cables.

Although, now, I am seeing the wisdom behind coiled extension cords in 12-14 gauge (coiled as in a telephone cord kind of coil).

Took me a minute to refresh my memory on how to do this wrap, but it’s not bad, and is handy enough. Handy enough for Handy J.


I never posted a pic from my original over-engineered doorstop for my shed, here it is in all it’s glory a few months later:

And now, once again from the Department of Over-engineering, I present you with Shed Doorstop v2 (for the other door):

It is an updated design with a nice 3-tier raised garden planter, which actually came in at around the same cost, as I caught the planter on sale for 30% off.

Now I just have to fill it will pea gravel, garden soil, and compost, then pull those pavers up that I just laid down to get the spacing right, even things up by tamping down some paving sand, and lay the pavers back down again. Most of that will have to wait for another day this week, or next weekend. I am tempted to go ahead and get the planter filled tonight, but Mrs. Hippy has cautioned me to take it slow, since my back is not as young as it once was.


As mentioned in the Odd House thread, there’s an invasive curbside tree (probably tree-of-heaven) that drooped onto the corner sidewalk yesterday owing to heavy rain. Shoulda’ dealt with the blasted thing when it was still tiny 4-5 years ago. But oh, well. The part of it in the way of pedestrians or cars is now cut and diced and in the leaf bin. So if someone wants to sue me, they’ll have to work a bit harder for a reason. :grin:

And I only got one tiny poke from the giant fugly thorns thereon. Those heavy rubber-ish gloves normally meant for applying nasty chemicals to things? They work really well. So long as it’s not blazing hot outside.


But…but…those are the good parts!


Yeah, if you’re a goat.

christmas eating GIF by Rachael Ray Show


I’m wrestling with the idea that giant fugly tree thorns blocking access to my sidewalk could somehow be bad.


Today I braved the horrors of online shopping and ordered a new mattress. That’s right, I adulted!