Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

'Cause officially it’s everyone’s sidewalk. And the offending plant, having migrated into the street corner strip near my house, is my responsibility, probably.

Our nearest neighbors on that side are softies and sometimes they cut back weedy things for us. But I don’t want to rely on that largesse on the rare days that I have actual energy to do stuff.

Also, I forgot to mention that Thorny McVolunteer parked itself right in the middle of a lovely hibiscus I put there originally. So there’s that, too. I don’t want the hibiscus to get choked out. It’s a good-looking plant and a late-season bee cafe’, too. I still have to dig out or further cut back Thorny’s trunk pieces so it can’t regrow. But one battle at a time, with priority given to Crap That Could Get You Sued.


And everyone’s fugly thorny smack in the face.

There’s a neighbor with like a 12 ft tall hedgerow along the sidewalk, and he trims it so that you have to bend uncomfotably at the waist to stay on the concrete. He is my hero.


Yeah, as an intellectual exercise, sure. But not the kind of exercise I want to force on people with canes and chairs, people walking frisky puppies, parents with little kids in strollers, etc. (Especially because they might have some firm like the one I work for on speed-dial.)

(Don’t tell anyone I wrote this. I’ll never get my degree in Super-Villainy if it becomes widely known.)


Dammit all I want is real-life Looney Tunes and a thumb in the eye of inflated authority figures. I am a product of my generation, society is to blame, I yam what I yam, slapstick is a lost art.

I am forced to clear my sidewalk here in Christmastown, and I do, normally LONG BEFORE MY SLACKER NEIGHBORS DO, KEVIN, and I put that snow right back in the street where most of it was before Mr. Plow and his slackjawed wingman put it on my sidewalk. I eagerly await a reprimand, because I have many questions.


You know, I’ve been thinking about that too.

But I’m still stuck on the phase of how to dispose of a few old mattresses and frames.

But I intend to jump straight ahead to advanced adulthood and buy an extra large “double-wide” coffin for sleeping in. Not kidding.


The place we used has a removal option for shipping, so it might be worth looking into.

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After being in Vegas and seeing a number of movie-based slots, finished Photoshopping my take on a Village of the Giants themed machine.

Added it to my VOTG’s merchandise page, where what-ifs regarding this film abound.


Got the base row of pavers in front of my shed done this morning, I think it will spruce the place up, it has gone from this:

To this:

I still have to lay down a row of bricks on top of that far end to cover the gap, but that took me a few hours, and the sun was starting to beat me down, so saving that little bit for this evening.


I beat Deadline and TVLine to a story. I published this at 11:36 am Eastern. TVLine publishes theirs at about 6:30 PM Eastern and Deadline at about 11 PM Eastern

I started working on mine last night and finished it in the morning. I had noticed it wasn’t getting reported so I figured I’d jump on it, and I’m really happy I did

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I rediscovered a handful of those individual metal binder rings at work. Nobody has touched 'em since I helped pack up a bunch of similar obsolete minutiae for our move back early 2020. So now they’re home with me. I’m using them in lieu of plastic zip ties to hold the brooms, dustpan, mop, and sink-side scrub brushes in place on their hooks. I’ve never liked the damn zip ties. They break constantly, and then even if you only need to replace one, you have to commit to buying a 200-count bag. Eff that.

So the metal rings may rust eventually, but I’m guessing that won’t happen for a while. Woo!


How do you deal with an unresponsive spacebar? Copy and paste spaces


Well, I got a free CD player designed for car use as part of Amazon’s “Vine” program (you have to review the products, but they’re free). Yes I have to pay taxes on the jacked-up “suggested retail price” on each item, but I rejiggered my state witholdings to take care of it, so I don’t think I’ll owe a thing, and may get a refund.

Why would I want such a thing, when I have all kinds of USB drives jam packed with every album imaginable?

It’s too much!

Yes, I always listen to excellent music in the car, but I rarely have the wherewithal to fiddle around with hitting repeat or whatever. You know, what with being occupied driving and all.

No, I just put in a CD, and that’s that!

Yes, that is the kind of sugar papa likes. As soon as I took it out of the box, since I had an hour to kill before work after an appointment, I velcroed hooked-and-looped it to the dash, and it works fine. All power supplied by the same USB port that is recognized as a music source by the car.

/* edit…and no cop in the US would pull me over for my rosary hanging over my rear-view mirror, because everyone knows all cops are Irish-Catholics and would make the signum crucis in private while in their squad car and wish me well.

Although the CD player might appear to be a smoke (radar) detector, I suppose, at first glance…but I don’t speed the power of christ compels me.

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Follow-up to a neighbor thread:

Found the manual online, and downloaded it.

Also wiped down all the countertop appliances in the kitchen (apart from the toaster and microwave: those being more involved). Washed all the “new” mixer’s components, ran and emptied the dishwasher.

The most grownup stuff I’m likely to do for the rest of the day. :grin:


Housemate’s birthday was today.

Managed to pull off decor…flower, balloon, and gift deliveries…cake…surprise visit from friends, etc…

…all without them finding out ahead of time.

I am accomplished and exhausted. Thank you and good night!


Got the insane idea to revamp the filming scripts section for my VOTG page.

Doing a more accurate recreation of the original script pages, and planning to have the following for download:

  • The Final Draft with original pages
  • The Final Daft with rewrite pages added
  • Transcript of the final film

I had a transcript of the film and riffing via MST3K, but given the Annotated MST project exists and did this film (let alone I have a section telling my favorite riffs), think I can drop that thing I did like a decade ago.


I bought a little boom box with a CD player just to kick out the jams WITHOUT a bunch of frikkin’ commercials in between each and every song.

I love it, but some of my bootleg copies of live shows and mix CD’s don’t work, but I still get to listen to two or even like seven (!?) songs in row without having to hear about what Profenza can do for my nano-bot infection.


My behind-the-drums boom box is currently 80 watts per channel through Bose Interaudios and a rando subwoofer for extra thud, with a plucky old Windows XP box and a wifi dongle for media.

Miniaturize all you want, air must still be moved.


Got all the parts of the pine tree that fell in my yard cut up, neighbors took it all away so other than the hole in the side of the bush in front of my porch there’s no sign of it.

And got the new backflow valve installed on the water line to my hot water heat. I was going to say it would be nice if they sold the valve without the fittings but going by the crazy price for the inside bits of rubber it probably would cost more to get the valve without those parts I didn’t need:


Went to a meeting at 0630 today…scattered about a dozen Ramik rodenticide pellets in the kitchen. When I returned, they were all gone! The system works!

Also, not old enough apparently for the RSV vaccine, and my pharm doesn’t have the new CV-19 booster yet, but I settled for the wimpy flu shot. That’s better than nothing.

Received a pair of made-to-measure dark grey flannel trousers today. Perfect! Thick, comfortable flannel, one back pocket with one button, side pockets on seams (looks a little weird), and this style of front enclosure I chose that is pretty nifty. Dual button action batch, with zipper. And they fit, too.

Also ate a bag of potato chips, so I got that going for me.

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I just plugged a usb in rightside up on the first try :sunglasses: