Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

It used to take me 3 tries - one where it doesn’t go in, turn it over and it still doesn’t go in because now it’s upside down, then turn it over again and it goes in.


@mittens is a witch!!


Once I pulled the correct cord to close some blinds.


Installed window air deflector shields on the Jeep today.


Eh, put the kibosh on this chooch trying to string me along pretty definitively.

This is going to give me ulcers, I’m telling you, but I wouldn’t do it if the payoff weren’t enormous.

Meh, I’m proud of having sent a reasonably polite “go away” e-mail:

"Appreciate your forthrightness.

Unfortunately, I can’t take a cashier’s check, and I’m only willing to deal within Reverb’s framework.

If it were cash and local pickup, it might be a different story, but I have very little time outside of work to create documents for unusual arrangements.

Best of luck,

Beelzebub jimmy_twoter"

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Nothing to show, because I didn’t have any energy left when I was done to take any pictures…

But, I spent the past few days clearing out those fraking vines out of the parents yard again…

OK, spent days and really only got a third of the way through, but I did get/dig up/kill a few that could be referred to as the Mothers of all Vines… dug um up to the roots that were half an inch in diameter… They were already wrapped around bushes and trees higher than my ladder would reach.

I’m going to be sore for days, but those suckers won’t be coming back for a few… months…


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I am today old finding out that movie with Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleason as son and father, respectively, was turned into a TV show.

Still a better idea than Everytime We Say Goodbye from the same year.

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Managed to barely give the required modules to my onboarding “test subject” under this new training protocol called “Behind the Smile.”

As usual, my lazy, useless learning coordinator prepared documentation predicated upon functioning Amazon equipment. That is foolish. That is insanely idiotic, and a dereliction of duty.

But I was able to do some jiggery-pokery voodoo incantations on one of their stupid Windows laptops and get 'er done.

Fools. They will know my wrath as they know my clemency when they bow down before me, for I will treat them like the simple sloths they are, and give them my greatest gift of recognition of their failures and exhort them to go and sin no more.

That is the binding and loosing power which I wield with a merciful heart full of pity for their condition.

Yet another Day-One onboarding. Unfortunately, my “pupil”'s mobile phone wasn’t able to connect to the on-site public SSID nor had any mobile access, so he missed out on the joy of going through nearly an hour (basically a year’s worth all in one sitting) of training materials called “Working Well” (little videos giving helpful hints like “lift with your knees” and crap like that).

But, we made it through nearly three straight hours of videos that ranged from relevant topics like “Insider Trading,”
Why One Shouldn’t Trip and Fall in the Parking Lot because You’re Looking at your Cell Phone," a lengthy advertisement-disguised-as-“training” for those stores where you walk in, shove crap in your pocket, walk out, and let your phone deduct what what you “selected,” in addition to a hagiographical segment of the company founder’s beginnings and the many new products introduced by The Company, year-by-fricking-year.

Fascinating stuff. But my guy got through it like a champ: you know, it’s just a bunch of BS to get through. I wonder if it’s a test to see how many new hires just leave and say “eff this noise!”

But we only get two new hires, being a small team, and, it’s really one of the easiest shifts, with the most hours and benefits, in the company, and I suspect the new hires know that.

Or they should, because I tell them that, but in a bit more circumspect language.

So we were done a little bit early, played around with some heavy equipment (under safety training rubric, of course!), chatted with some of the crew outside, and about fifteen minutes before official end, I just said, you know, we can hang outside a bit and help out Dan and Yanet a bit with the drivers, or, you know, you can just take off or chill out or whatever.

So, I think I set a good example, because I know my shtuff when it comes to the job and know a lot of higher-ups, but also set the tone that our shift is not micro-managed to the second, and liberties can be taken when appropriate, just so long as the person “in charge” knows what the score is.

I call that a win.

And moreso in that I was able to give a report to a chat room for Trainers for the company which “subtly” called out the (lazy, lazy) learning coordinator for not having added me to the permissions group to enable labor tracking. “My gracious manager was able to perform this task, on your behalf.” On a private in-company chat group using their proprietary messaging system.


HOURS later! Yay. Randomly doing stuff to various devices and finally I seem to have convinced Xfinity to stop sucking eggs! Four hours and fifteen minutes without internet after work!


ALSO: scored this for free from Amazon’s Vine program:

I’m as big a fan of the Who has anybody, I guess…not a superfan, but I know their albums pretty well, including this one.

I’m almost not wanting to unshrinkwrap this because it would make a great gift for either my pops or my uncle. Supposedly it’s kind of a big deal reissue with all kinds of print matter as well as a nice audio copy of Quadrophenia etc.


Well, this might be an accomplishment of some kind.

Basically I had a bit of liquid courage last night (actually, this morning!) and started messing with the trussrod on my Ibanez AF55, strung with Thomastik-Infeld GB 14s, to try to align by sight any bowing of the neck.

Here’s what I ended up with (bad picture, but I’m done fiddling with the trussrod).

She stays in standard E tuning, and the intonation with the floating bridge is pretty well perfect. I tune her with an A=440Hz tuning fork, but also use a clip-on Snark tuner…it’s a balance…I try not to use many open strings, so, I’ve settled on a compromise of using harmonics and setting all the E strings on each fret to good.

But, to me, the neck seems still a bit concave, but I’m hesitant to screw with it more.

Well, that didn’t take a long time assembling (likely incorrectly, but it’s fine) this supposed “helper” to organize stuff.

No, I’m not out of breath.

No, I’m not especially proud of assembling this product, but at least it does what it’s supposed to do, I guess.

There was a strange sound in my house last night that sounded like something fell. Pretty sure it was the plastic hook breaking inside the cellular shade on the big window in my bedroom, the hook that holds the big spring.

What a pain to get the string inside all back to where it’s supposed to be and I just used some strong cord to tie the spring to the carrier with all the pulleys that gather up the string (the hook that broke off was attached to that part). Then it was fun stretching out the spring and getting it back on the other hook that didn’t break.

So the shade is working again, if the plastic is that bad it’s probably just a matter of time until the good hook breaks, when that happens I’ll probably 3D print a replacement hook.

It’s a great example of how pulleys work, you move the shade several feet and the 10 pulleys inside the top of the shade gather up all that string and only have to move an inch.

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Out the door to the Humane Society’s thrift store today:

THREE BIG boxes of clothes, jewelry, accessories, and kitchen/grill stuff I’d basically forgotten the existence of (until I started trawling closets, cupboards, and shelves last Sunday) and will never think about again most likely.

Also a box of crafts booklets went to the non-profit “upcycling” store nearest to us. (Don’t worry. Still plenty of those left.)

Still another box of clothes which could be work gear or rags but not resalable will be placed outside for FREE on Sunday. I guess there’s something to be said for climate change and the persistence of good weather.

Star Celebrate GIF by haenaillust


I had kimchi for the first time!


My stupid accomplishment, I’ve been working on all year, which is why I haven’t been around so much:

Available in paperback and e-book on November 7th. Audio book coming soon. Book #2 in January. I’m thinking books #3 and #4 in March and May respectively, but it depends on whether or not people like the whole concept. (I would write discrete books more or less as the whim struck me, but apparently people like series, so I’ve got the first two written and will probably have book 3 in the production pipeline before I get feedback on book #1. :person_shrugging: )



It seems yesterday I went on a drunken Am*n buying spree, on credit, pulling the trigger on such useful things as an adjustable heat gun, shrink tubes, a flush wire cutter, a decent 16 oz. claw hammer (I don’t like the one I have), a rubber mallet to replace the one I lost somehow, and a cheap but servicable black dress belt that won’t look too funky when wearing coat and tie (and pants). And a pair of vise grips and a pretty good-seeming stud finder and some toggle bolts.

Geez, it’s depressing that the most fun thing I could think of when in a moment of irrational exuberance to buy was a plain men’s dress belt.


A new belt? You really know how to celebrate getting upgraded from “drunken degenerate” to “regular degenerate”.


Well, it’s a pretty good one, looks like!

I won’t have to shave it, or disguise the marks from where the jockey was hitting it, pretty sure!


/* ETA but why didn’t I add the Dremel/rotary tool as well? Well, interesting story. I discovered that the Dremel company makes its own cordless varieties, but they are sold with insufficient discs for my cutting needs.

I got lost in a Dremel hole.

But now I have something to look forward to the next time I admire the paperwork that states I have complied with state-mandated alcohol treatment, and demonstrated all requirements.

Best diploma…I ever got!

Yes, I am going to frame this one, and in fact am going to call my clinician right now and request he leave a copy at the front desk.

I actually have fairly nice frames for various academic things, like degrees and such, but this one and the CCNA deserve pride of place, rather than being chucked into a corner of my closet. */

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The front is (mostly) done!!


With all due respect, Sir. This doesn’t seem suitably mundane, etc.