Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

I remember my folks chilling Andre Cold Duck in the snow for Christmas. I’m not sure if it was meant to be shared or inflicted.

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Hey, man, as long as you drinking it and not wearing it, it’s an occasion.

Seems like Billy Dee Williams could have done something with copy like that…but, YOLO and it is what it is.

They don’t sell André’s anything up at my grocery store…nor…I don’t think any Paul Masson…nor any Colt 45…so I guess I’m really up shinola creek!

As far as actors approving of my beverage choices.

But…accomplishment…I’m saying “Shove it” to work today. Yeah, the money would be nice, but I’d rather make my point in the most passive aggressive way possible, viz., by staying home, writing out some Cedar Walton parts on piano I’ve wanted to learn and just generally being a danger to myself and others. No drinking and driving, though. A danger because of my hirsute, toxic essence.

And probably take a shower and do some tidying up around the place, and make an appointment for a teeth cleaning.

But in an extreme way!

I’ve got a belt sander you could borrow for those damn toenails.

Actually you can keep it.

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Experimenting with an off-brand Dremel-style rotary tool. Awaiting delivery of a 50mm cut-through blade, but will first experiment on packages of frozen meats.

I think the diamond-encrusted rotary attachments at about 22-24mm or so are giving me the best results, though, for harder materials.

I will be glad for the 44mm, 50mm &sim. size cut-through attachments, as well as some nice mandrels to accompany…one doesn’t really want those flying off at unpredictable vectors…well…I don’t want that, anyway.

I did make a pledge that I was not to be a danger to myself and others on this day. It is nearing the Lenten season, so it is probably best to begin preparing myself for restraint and prudent behavior. Or something.

So…well…I pledged a lot of things. Let’s just say I’ll put on sturdy dungareees and splash goggles before I get crunk.

No, this is strictly a hand tool only day. A man of wealth and taste, a pair of Vise-Grips, a high-powered flashlight, a multimeter, some pliers, a few nut drivers, and a box of Franzia Crisp White is what it takes to figure out what they screwed up when wiring that court-ordered blow-and-go. They tapped into the interior fuse box which is a royal pain to even look at in my car, so just have to see what they messed up and maybe replace a fuse, if anything.

And then, when I discover they blew it all up, drill a few holes in the frame for mounting a large horn and find a place to store the small air compressor.

Nice thing about that? It’s only a Class C Traffic Violation, but cops can’t touch me, man!

planet of the apes its a mad house GIF

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Inebriate asylum, idiot asylum, house for the deranged and hysterical…I mean, c’mon.

It’s pretty much once you seen one, then you seen the inside of them all!

(Gratuitous plug for the Richardson Nitwit Asylum in Buffalo…that place was cool AF after dark, but super difficult to explore…very serious regular security patrols).

So um, I turned 30 Wednesday. And it was also the anniversary of the DC Universe slate reveal, which I covered at the old gig when it happened. James Gunn marked the anniversary with posts on socials, and I replied with a question. He answered. Of course I wrote about it.


Happy belated birthday!

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It’s not strictly my accomplishment, but my neighborhood was named as one of the top ten friendliest neighborhoods in the country according to something called “All Star Home”.

“The prevailing wisdom about real estate is that location is everything. So maybe a friendly location is everything plus, and if you can walk to a friendly pharmacy, coffee shop, and megastore, so much the better,” All Star Home concluded.

There isn’t a “megastore” within miles of here. That’s part of what keeps us friendly.

Friendly coffee shop? Yeah maybe, but it’s probably not the staff.

Friendly pharmacy? I dunno. The Butt Drugs people seem pretty happy, but I think there’s only one. Pharmacists seem like pretty serious people, or maybe just worn out by humanity’s endless disgusting ailments.

Friendly megastores are not a thing, even if they’re not phantom megastores, like Casper the Friendly Megastore.

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Well, I “accomplished” going to an actual pharmacy yesterday and was serviced by an actual pharmacy tech, not one of the weeping scabs my pharmacy hired to cover vacations.

Actually, there is a real converted pharmacy that is nowadays exclusively a bar/eatery (a rather poor excuse for a bar…no pool tables, etc.), but I don’t go there because of reasons.

Hint: it is not “Nob Hill’s go-to bar.” It is a blight that one tolerates.

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Hey, me too.

Yeah, I’ve been there. “Nob Hill’s go-to bar” is Nob Hill Bar and Grill as far as I’m concerned. Easily the best burger in that part of town.

Oh man…I’m resisting the urge to retort…but that could be contentious! You may be right…can’t really recall. “Nobbies” definitely has very very loyal patrons, though!

A lot of ins and outs and what-have-yous!

(No, I don’t live in Slabtown, kind of near-ish, but a lot of pals/acquaintances do and when I socialize it’s usually somewhere around there).

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I’m in the wrong business….

I ran a 5k this morning!! I can’t even remember the last time I ran more than a casual mile or half mile because I needed to move, but I ran the whole 5k without even a walk break, and an average pace of 12.27 min/mile, which I would say is not bad for not having run regularly in years. I’m pretty sure that’s about what my pace was before I stopped running, so the fact that I haven’t gotten worse over the years is rather comforting.
It’s not much compared to the friends I have who are actual athletes and runners, but I’m pretty proud of it anyway.


I noticed a semi horror convention in my downtown city and who is there?

sleepaway camp horror movies GIF by absurdnoise


Gave the car a real good bath today. Finally got the white overspray stain from the glass cleaner spray to come off of the black dash top where it meets the windshield. When in doubt Murphy’s Oil Soap and warm water on a new microfiber is your friend. I use it for suntan lotion marks on the black trim all the time…

It doesn’t look half bad for a 2008 car w/ 122,000mi on it…

It’s finally going into the steelership for the major repairs … Rear seal leaking, requires dropping the drivetrain… if I had the lift and trans jack needed I’d be tempted to try and do it myself… but I’m missing lots of tools required for the jobs. And, that’s the the first major oil seal that’s decided to hemorrhage oil after 121,000mi…

But, that’s more something for the gripe thread.

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