Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Ah, finally refreshed my memory of the Apostle’s creed, the Ave Maria, the Gloria, Pater Noster.

Still a little shaky on the Fatima prayer (I remember most of it…not a long one, but not as short as the Ave Maria), and have to start again with the Salve Regina…slightly more complicated. I’ll get those back in short order.

And, yes, like a pretentious fool awesome dude, I still insist on using the classical reconstructed pronunciation, instead of the mainstream Italian-flavored pronunciation of the Church.

Yes, I can still manage to recall most of the longer Nicene Creed, but easy to get confused with the shorter creed, so I’ll stick with that through Lent and Easter seasons, as well as with the rosary.


Some might argue that that counts as a pretty stupid “accomplishment,” but I disagree. Didn’t take very long to recall. Sure, I could have memorized the four “big” sonnets of Mallarmé, or something, but this gets the ball rolling and keeps me off the streets.

Now here is a truly stupid “accomplishment.” Apparently yesterday and into this morning, I seem to have accidentally drank about 36.6 units of alcohol (19.6 in beer form, plus a bottle of Irish at 80 proof).

That’s a tad excessive, I think. But, you know, the remaining six days of the week I abstain and including a little mini fast over Friday and into Saturday…so…meh, it evens out.

Not really…terribly unhealthy, and senseless, degenerate, and defective…meh, I still did some tidying up around my place as is my wont when fueled by demon rum. Little bit, anyway.

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Huh. So on the way home after work (driving), I picked up a burger and some fries at a…Jack in the Box on the way home.

I managed to eat not just the fries before they got cold (my main concern), but I actually ate the burger while driving.

Don’t think I’ve done that…eating while driving…in…I dunno. Few decades, I guess. I’m sure I have in the past, the way back, like a breakfast sandwich or whatever…but I don’t really recall.

Drinking coffee/water/other and smoking cigs, fiddling with the “radio,” yes. But not the eating.

I did not find it unduly hazardous or distracting.

No, it’s not an experience I relished, especially, but I found that to be a fairly stupid accomplishment.

Now I can start tomorrow afresh while propping my little Rite-in-the-Rain waterproof-paged notebook with the rosary latin prayers near the gear shift and test my memory while smoking cigs and maintaining a safe, ample following distance at all times while expecting the unexpected.

Meh, I’m happy enough with not having tepid food by the time I got home. I still would have eaten it, but this one-time only experiment in eating-while-driving worked out OK.


Refilled a prescription AND reloaded my bus pass just now.

Saturday was another trip to Metro to dump a heap of unneeded things we scoured from the backyard and various cabinets.

Sunday I got my hair trimmed. It’s recovering slowly but surely from its initial post-Covid whack-away. (Late summer/early fall 2022.)

This is also the month I’ve commenced reorganizing the spice rack. Technically that won’t be an accomplishment until December, probably. But still, just getting up the nerve to start… :sweat:


I did another comedy show last night. I went on first, about 8 minutes into the video.


Got this poster in the mail on Feb 16, took it to the framing shop on 2/17. Picked it up on 3/2 and got it on the wall on 3/3. No delays taking it in or being too lazy hang it up or anything.


Would a gay trophy friend be a moustache or eyebrows?


OK, I finally got the joke…beard, moustache, eyebrows, etc.

Well, I went on a grand adventure this evening. Slipped out of work early, and found the one liquor store open till 10pm in the rough direction of my commute.

Confusing…the entrance was actually inside a grocery store…but I persevered and found it.

A very strange man of some kind of ethnicity full of jokes…I had on a black hi-vis vest and my badge from work on, “What is this? You climbing? Mountaining climbing? This vest with colors!”

“Nah, just getting off work!”

“Ah, you drive?”

“Nah, I yell at the drivers when they make mistakes!”

“< he takes bottle and mimes smashing people about the face and torso > You smash them, you should, no mistakes!”

Huh. So, I guess I know that neighborhood now! Bethany. Kind of fancy exurb, I guess.


I got four articles out today on Sandler’s Handlings, and I’m putting in my article on Japan’s Oscar victories that precedes them all to get all 5 allowed previews. There’s Ryan Gosling’s I’m Just Ken performance, new reward tiers on the Rifftrax Kickstarter, The Batman Part II moves from next October to the one after, and Venom 3 has a new official title!


Replaced the old crumbling lower weather seals on the rear quarter windows of my mom’s car today.

Removing the old ones was supposed to be the hard part… nope. Getting rid of the old 3M adhesive from the old ones… three hours of scrubbing with GooGone.

Will try to get a photo later.


I’ve found GooGone is very hit or miss, great for paper label glues but not so great for stronger adhesives. I usually have better luck starting with rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, and then moving on to WD40 if alcohol doesn’t work.


Nod, rubbing alcohol was used as well, but didn’t seem any better.

Didn’t have any WD-40… someone walked off with it or finished it off on a previous project and didn’t bother to tell me…

Was also trying to be careful/not too aggressive and not damage the inner seal.


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I accomplished surviving another day at work despite holding barely-contained anger at one of my supervisors. I also accomplished repotting some plants that desperately needed new soil. A few of them (the echeveria especially) are in various stages of dying and I do not know how much longer they’re going to make it, but I’m trying my best to keep them alive!


Surviving to fight another day is enough



I removed a 20-year-old toilet and installed a new one today by myself, a new skill added to my repertoire. Not terribly complicated, but these aging bones probably won’t be handling too many more 80-pound objects. Everything we “deposit” into toilets is just passing through on its way to somewhere else, so there was zero smell, fortunately. Turns out the gross part was scraping away the remnants of the 20-year-old wax seal on the floor. That might haunt me.

But hey, new toilet!


FWIW, I had similar results with Goo Gone until I tried letting it sit on the object for awhile. A few hours will often do the trick, but for really tough stuff I’ve let it sit for 24 hours. I recently used it to remove residue from carpet tape, which I’m pretty sure is the stickiest/messiest stuff in the known universe, and it was dissolved after marinating overnight.

My problem with Goo Gone has been getting rid of the Goo Gone after it’s done its job. It’s oil based, so it leaves a greasy residue of its own. Turns out really pure alcohol does the trick, like 90% pure or better.


Drunk Pool GIF


Well, I haven’t actually accomplished it yet, but my idea for the rest of the day is to catalogue my pants.

No, not fancy pants, but work pants and shorts.

I shall arrange them by waist size, and then subdivide by how much repair about the crotch should be done (by me, who is a … nudnik … about sewing, but has the tools and some of the technique, and, failing all that, has an iron and a bunch of patches).

SEGUNDO I might actually get around to repairing the umpteenth pair of Mechanix work gloves…just some heavy thread and a sailcloth needle, it’s probably all that needs. Kind of tired of buying new gloves every few months. Yes, work provides some, but I don’t like theirs, and I have an urgent desire to protect my fingertips.

So, see, the accomplishment is having got the idea. That’s the key. Ask anyone: they’ll tell you that.

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Yeah. I use rubbing alcohol and then, uh… 100,000 lbs. of pressure, created by me. Yeah, if you are patient and wrap the things for a few minutes after you apply the alcohol, you’ll have an easier time removing the yuck. But I have no attention span at all, so I never wait.


I got into a Twitter beef with a Harry Potter actor over a cyclist yesterday…that was definitely NOT on my 2024 bingo card.

And I even won the argument!


Wait, people are still using Xitter?!