Show us your most recent mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment

Uh, I recharged a bunch of AA batteries in anticipation of when my Yamaha Reface CP is back in stock. (It’s a tiny keyboard with pro-quality emulations of classic electric pianos, like the Rhodes and the Wurlitzer, that can take six AA batteries…or I think it can be powered by USB…so I can be a real menace and actually play while driving! Built in speaker. Can also MIDI it up to a full-sized board to actually play for real [it has smaller keys than a regular piano keyboard, unweighted, all that…just fine for doing some memory work on repertoire or just fooling around, though.)

Pretty neat, huh? :sweat_smile: Rechargeable batteries are kewl!

Yeah. Just pick it up while at my desk, instead of a guitar, carry it in the car for playing during breaks at work. Can’t do a guitar in the car: one false move and the headstock shatters one of the windows…I can see it happening in my mind’s with alarming regularity. Air guitar, sure, but I’ve lost my touch at that instrument!

Thanks NiMh batteries!

Nah. I think Lady of the Blade of Stars is yanking your lariat!

Points for using the term “Xitter,” though. That is the preferred nomenclature.


Not every household tip from days of yore works. And some are likely dangerous and unnecessary, too.

One that does work? Darkening a faded, or washed out, or worn-off spot on hardwood where the stain and varnish are gone, using some crushed walnut meats. You just mash the bit of walnut into the whitened-discolored spot or scratch, until it darkens from the oil. Then sweep away the walnut crumbs. I’ve actually done this. It will last at least a week or two out of direct light. Maybe longer. (You can also use mineral oil but I find the walnut lasts longer, and you don’t need a lot per spot.)

If you have a problem with roaches or mice, it may not be advisable, but luckily that’s not something we deal with here.


Finally found some clock hands and a clock mechanism for my 2ft diameter clock over my fireplace! It can handle their large size without stalling out fighting gravity to keep time (unlike the old clock mechanism I kept fighting with to keep proper time) … :clock5:

For reference, the minute hand is 16" and the hour hand is 8" in length :open_mouth:


Wow, that is some clock!

Are you planning a siege against some early modern fortress?

I kid. That is truly awesome.


‘Time is like a predator… It’s Stalking You!’ :grin:


Registered for the classes I’ll be taking for the next two semesters. Next fall I’ll have a class with a professor I already barely made it through one semester with, and another class with a professor I’ve never met but have heard absolutely nothing good about. Have heard nothing good about either of those classes, either. Oh, well. During summer I’m only taking two classes, so that should be good. Now I have to decide whether I want to work next week or take a week off of everything.


We’re short staffed today (one on vaca and one out sick) so I bought lunch for the office =)


There’s a coffee shop near us where the owner put up a small sign asking that we bring in travel mugs to save money. It’s a tiny shop probably operating on eyelash-sized margins, and he hasn’t raised his prices recently, so I think this is a valid request. I actually remembered to do that, this morning! AND now said mug is washed and dried and already ready for my next trip over there.


This weekend my wife went to a car boot sale with her mom, and one of the big draws is the local butcher who pulls up in a big van and makes sure to go home with nothing left in it. She ended up buying £90 worth of meat in three heavy bags, which will last us at least a couple of months. We just finished splitting it into freezer bags and cramming it all in.


Yeah that’s the problem with that. We have several farmer’s markets around here that will sell you some portion of cow, but we don’t have anywhere to store all of that meat!


Well, by some miracle I got my “backup” Zippo torch insert to work again.

Yes, of course, bleed the tank of any (well, as much as possible) oxygen. SOP. Everytime.

But this time, I used my little screwdriver to gently scrape a bit of…I don’t know what…schmutz…off the electrode, or an electrode of the piezo mechanism and bent it slightly.

So, apparently I have both Zippo torch inserts working again. (Yes, I’m used to carrying a backup when I used to use the classic flint+liquid fuel insert…not to worry, I still have Bic lighters stashed around here and there and even wooden matches!).

That was a surprise to me. I’d used compressed air on that one to try to clear any obstructions, and, obviously, I always bleed my lighters before refilling with good butane (I’ve been using Lotus “premium” for a few years…seems good enough).

Like magic, that mf lives! Wait, let me try again…yes! The flame is long and strong! So welcome back to active service, matte blue zippo!

(No, I’ve stopped sending back my metal cases back to Bradford, PA…they’ll fix them, true to their word, but I felt guilty about it a while back for just ordinary old cases, so I just bought two new cases from them a few years ago, and, like a genius, figured matte black and matte navy blue were the best choices…because they’re really easy to distinguish in any kind of low-light situation and are in any case, easy to find colors if one “misplaces” one in cramped or dark environments).

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It’s not finished, but I’m bored of not showing it to people.

My project of the last two weeks has been abusing AI music, image, and text generators to recreate the Fallout radio experience in a Seattle setting, with the secondary goal of never having to license anything or infringe any trademarks.

Lyrics by me, music by Images by Bing, ChatGPT, and Google Maps with expanding and tweaking in RunwayML and some other random image-to-image tools. All non-music voices are me voice-acting (sort of?) through 11Labs speech-to-speech.

It needs much more content (only 3 ads so far, and 8 songs), but I think it’s at the “minimum viable product” stage.


I figured out the hand-sight “linkage problem” by looking at each of Pat Martino’s Linear Expressions in the tab I made for each of his “activites”: simply perform each “activity” in an ad hoc manner up and down the fretboard.

And, no, I don’t consider each pitch that may be an octave or two apart “An ‘E’” or “That’s a Bb” and so on: it matters deeply to me that each pitch be recognized exactly, appropriately, and intimately on a specific place on the fingerboard. Of course, guitar is a tranposing instrument, so one has to take note of whatever one is looking at/reading, but identifying a pitch class of e.g. {A} is just not good enough.

/* late edit…in fact what this means is taking each note and being able to produce each combination.

my preferred method is with pencil and staff paper, but in fact, all that is needed is a tuning fork A=440 Hz.

So, my optimism was a bit premature, but I’ve been called worse. */

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Renewed my learner’s permit Friday and am back to learning to drive on a stick shift. Haven’t driven in four months, but didn’t stall the car once today. Pretty proud of that.


I’ve gotten these articles out lately


Well, I was doing an ATM (no, not that kind) transaction on the way home from work and ordered through the “app” from the Jack in the Box across the street enough food to keep an army afoot for a day or very modest family alert for a week.

Odd thing? This location makes their tacos palatable. They’re still not good, but when they’re pretty much free, it’s fine. And kudos, they held the pickles on my hamburgers.

Not a stranger to the pickle…I just don’t want them near my sangwich…not as a garnish nor inside. It does not match. If I wanted to eat a pickle, I’d eat a pickle, dammit!
I’ve also accomplished my long time goal of expressing why I don’t want pickles on my damned food, dammit. If I wanted to eat a pickle, like if it was a hot day out and wanted something crisp and refreshing, you damned right.

Otherwise, no! Now git, you pickles! Git! Go on! Git out my samwitch. Go on now, git!
Oh, accomplishment…yes, I ate a large order of curly fries, a side of hashbrowns, two tacos, and two Jumbo Jack burgers without pickles in…spitballing…three minutes. Or less. Let’s say two minutes.

Probably closer to 90 seconds.

So, I guess, yay. Hey, man, I was hangry and been dripping in sweat for … oh … well, anyway, it’s fine! Pants still fit, sort of!

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Coffee with a smidge of cardamom: brewed.

Breakfast muffin (egg/cheese/fauxsage/hot sauce): made and devoured.

Only because the place I wanted to pay triple to for delivery somehow ran out of everything good by 9 AM. :face_with_spiral_eyes: Still, I will accept accolades if anyone has some lying around that they’re not needing.


Phew! Caught up on all the “mundane” accomplishments, some of which are quite impressive.

Ah, Felissa is ALWAYS there. But you know that. :smirk:

Which brings me to my mundane, stupid, non-MST3K accomplishment: BOOK THREE!

Available in paperback and e-book Sunday!